I Learned A Hard Lesson Today

I managed to run an 82 mile relay race this weekend and my feet came out — well surprisingly well.  No major blisters and no noticeable pain.  WIN!

photo 5 (27)

Then I decided to go on a little walk today during a break that I had in my work schedule.

photo 3 (36)

And managed to TOTALLY screw up my feet.

photo 4 (32)

Yes my friends.  Even if your runners feet are beast enough to tackle a relay, they are likely not beast enough to tackle a long hilly walk in heels.

photo 5 (29)

After 3 slow miles around my new work-hood, I am not walking barefoot and sporting 5 different bandaids.  I kid you not.  How does that even happen?  Two major pinky toe blisters, two ankle blisters, and one big toe blister.  Brilliant Ash.  I guess it’s a good thing I wasn’t planning on running until well later into the week, right?

Ahh well. . . you win some {like running a relay} and you lose some {like I will be losing these heels}.

photo 1 (44)

My mangled feet didn’t stop me from enjoying a nice {warm} little bike ride with the hubby post work to catch up on our first days back in the office.

photo 2 (41)

8 and a half miles of hills and lake riding, the perfect way to wrap up a Monday Tuesday and work up an appetite.

Labor Day

Now that the real business for the day is done, let’s backtrack to my Labor Day Activities.


I could lie to you all and make us sound a lot cooler than we are, but I like you guys.  So I wont.  Needless to say Zach and I had an epic Parenthood marathon broken up only by a mile long walk with the Gusman, prepping dinner, and catching up with a few friends.  Yup — that’s how we spent our Labor Day.  And I wouldn’t change a thing.

photo 1 (43)

We did also manage to do the right Summer thing and grill out.photo 2 (40)

A large green salad to share, with chicken for me, steak for Z, and grilled veggies to share.  At least we celebrated the holiday appropriately in one sense.

How was your Labor Day Weekend?  What did you do?