My Labor Day Weekend — Meet Me In St Louie

Obviously the primary focus of this weekend was the KT82 relay race.   I had trained an entire Summer and was as focused as I could be by the time I made it to ST Louis.  With that said, the race was only one day and I was lucky enough to spend a ton of time with my family, eat some good food, and get some good relaxing in over the long holiday weekend on top of the race.

I’m saving my recap for tomorrow, but for now, I want to share with you all some highlights from the weekend overall.


photo 1 (34)

Zach and I had to wake up way before the crack of dawn to make it to DIA for our early morning flight.  Luckily, the early morning streets were empty, the airport security was a breeze, and we were able to get on our tiny little plane and make it to St Louis without any problems.

photo 3 (27)

With the race on my mind, you know I traveled in style and with priorities.  Water, coffee, and compression socks for the win!


Zach and I were pretty hungry by the time we made it into St Louis, so we prioritized eating pretty quickly.  After a quick stop at my parents office to see old work family, we headed to Cleveland Heath in downtown Edwardsville for some late lunch.

photo 2 (31)

I wanted to be careful with my eats so close to the race, so I stock with a HUGE chop salad with tons of bacon, chicken, eggs and cheese on top of a bed of greens.  YUM.

photo 4 (25)

Which actually ended up becoming a part of my dinner as well.  Grillables on top of left over salad FTW.

photo 5 (22)

Saturday morning I was on breakfast duty so I stuck with some simple seasoned eggs with onion and parmesan cheese.

photo 1 (35)

I ended up having some fresh fruit and GF pretzels with honey peanut butter on the side.  This meal was a GREAT balance of fresh and fatty for my stomach, so I was happy to start off the day before the big race with good eats.

photo 2 (32)

We relaxed around the house for the afternoon where I pretty much dominated fresh made guacamole with carrots and blue corn chips.   I’m a sucker for this stuff.

photo 3 (28)

Dinner for the evening was a nice Italian meal, which was surprisingly challenging to do GF, but I managed 🙂

photo 4 (26)

Another sizable chopped salad.

photo 5 (23)

And tons of chocolate in the hotel room 🙂

While all my grub was tasty, I struggled with eating a good balance for pre-race grub GF.  I know it is far from impossible to do, but with all the eating out I found my options limited and ended up eating a lot more salads than I would have preferred.  Thankfully, my stomach was AWESOME pre and during the race, but definitely has been struggling after the race.  Oh well, at least it rocked when it needed to, right?

Saturday was ALL Race

photo 4 (27)

photo 3 (30)

photo 1 (37)

photo 5 (25)

photo 4 (28)

photo 1 (38)

Followed by a lot of downtime while my amazing and inspiring team members wrapped up their legs.

photo 3 (31)

I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced “hangry” like I did post the KT82. . . so once we crossed the finish line (together), I had nothing but food on my mind.

photo 5 (27)

We ended up finding an adorable little restaurant in the town of Herman where I changed clothes and absolutely dominated some grub.

photo 5 (26) photo 4 (29)

Not my best post race choices — but they sounded good in the moment.

Luckily for Zach and I my amazing parents came up to catch us at the finish — as well as drive us back home from Hermann, which was right around a 2 hour trip.  Let me tell you how KEY that trip was.  THANKS MOM AND DAD! YOU’RE THE BEST!

We had an afternoon flight home Sunday, so we went out to a new Chop house in St Louis for brunch.

photo 2 (36)

Where first and foremost I started with a bloody

photo 3 (32)

And ended with an awesome mushroom and goat cheese egg white scramble

photo 4 (30)

With fruit.  My body was THRILLED with the real food and while my stomach was still battling me — I was happy to eat as much as I could.

And just because Zach and I travel in style, we decided we earned a drink after the crazy race the day before, and enjoyed a nice glass of reisling before hopping our flight home.

photo 1 (40)

Where I once again, traveled in true style.

photo 2 (37)

We were home by 4 and ready to settle in for the night.  I ran and did the grocery shopping while Zach got prepared for his Fantasy Draft.

photo 4 (3)G

Gusman and I went on a walk to help stretch out my legs after such a crazy 48 hours, which was KEY to my feeling halfway normal today.

photo 3 (33)

It started to rain around mile one — so I dropped Gusman off and picked up an umbrella and actually REALLY enjoyed a dreary, cool evening walk.  It was shockingly relaxing and refreshing… the perfect way to build up my appetite for a fresh dinner.

photo 5 (28)

I made a super fresh avocado, fresh tomato and feta salad for us to enjoy with dinner

photo 1 (42)

As a part of my snack plate,  yum!

photo 2 (39)

We wrapped up the evening with some Parenthood and Gusman snuggles.  I think they were happy to see us ❤

photo 3 (35)

And I started my Labor Day with a cup of coffee and a 75 minute Hot Power Fusion class to stretch out my overly tight entire body.

photo 4 (31)

Perfect 🙂 ❤

We have grand plans to relax and then grill out and enjoy the afternoon to wrap up our weekend.  Phew. . . what a weekend.  And I wouldn’t change a thing 🙂

Anyone else race this weekend?  If not, what were your highlights?