Nothing Better Than A Man In The Kitchen

I had my first of what will become my-new-normal 10 plus hour day today.  It was busy, mentally exhausting, overwhelming, and very excited all at the same time.

My brains a bit fried but my a tummy full of delicious eats prepared by my oh-so-thoughtful husband turned that fatigue right around.

photo 2 (30)

I came home after he just began prepping the food, but he made sure I relaxed and just watched the magic happen in the kitchen tonight.


photo 3 (26)

We had a delicious mix of kielbasa and cherry tomatoes warmed over the stove top

photo 4 (24)

On top of a fresh salad and a side of GF toast.   The mix of cooked grub and fresh goodies was the perfect balance to satisfy my taste buds inside and out!

The food was pretty spectacular, but there was something so nice about being so well taken care of after a long day.  A meal prepared with love by someone else really does taste that much better, huh?


I knew I was going to have a long day, so I prepared beforehand with an extremely early wake up call and a short run to start off my day.


Two.five-ish miles in the dark and chilly morning.  I am normally a morning person, but man on MAN the fresh morning air was such a treat.  The run felt shockingly good {thank you taper} and it allowed me to be relaxed and focused about the rest of busy work day I had ahead of me.

And Just Because

photo 1 (33)

She’s freaking adorable.  That is all ❤

What was the last meal you had made totally for you?