A Weekend of Projects, Eats and Downtime

Happy Monday everyone 🙂  I hope you all had a great weekend wherever you’re at.

It was a quiet weekend in our household, filled with projects, fun with friends, some activity and lots of downtime.  Where should we begin?


Zach and I were hosting a couple friends over the weekend, both for dinner and to see the new home, so we were inspired by projects.  Quite a few projects.


Our first task was figuring out some storage solutions for our one small bathroom.  We went to Target to check out our options, and ended up being a little creative with what we came out with.  In the end, we now have a cute little shelf that includes area for small storage, and a hamper {which we are actually currently using to store clean towels…not how it’s intended but it works}.

While we both agree it was smaller than we thought it would be, we also like that it brightens up the small space and does add functionality.  Win win.


And secondly, after much ado with Pottery Barn, Zach and I built and put up our bar that really separates the living and dining area.  While this project didn’t take too long, it really made a huge different in how our space feels {I promise, eventually I will do a house tour}.



Friday was a complete rest day, which equaled me being totally lazy and not knowing what to do with myself, ha.

Saturday: Zach and I ran a 10k around our neighborhood, which is the last run of it’s distance before the relay.  Thankfully the heat was manageable and we were able to tackle this run without too many issues.  Unfortunately, we did forget to stop and start the Garmin at multiple points, so we have no true context of splits, but let me tell ya I felt fast for the first 5k!

Sunday: Woke up and did my new favorite easy morning upper body routine and followed it up with the Advanced Yoga Routine (45 minutes) on Nike Training Club later in the afternoon.

{Taper is killing me . . . for reals}

Some Good Eats


LOTS of GF toast was consumed.  Lots


Delish eggs and fruit


Lots of fruit


Chips and homemade guac and salsa


And made from scratch GF cookies that were AWESOME if I do say so myself.



And lots and lots of downtime.


Lots 🙂 ❤

After a good mix of relaxing and downtime, Zach and I soaked up every last minute of weekend we have before a crazy short week.

photo 3 (24) photo 4 (22)

Zach did some gardening {the boy loves his projects}

photo 5 (20)

The furballs rested

photo 2 (27)

We ate left overs from the dinner party

photo 1 (30)

And watched some more of our current obsession while I enjoyed some hot tea to relax {gotta hydrate this week}

I love the weekend 🙂

Are you enjoying the last few weekends of Summer?  

5 thoughts on “A Weekend of Projects, Eats and Downtime

  1. sounds like quite the weekend! perfect mix of leisure and productivity. nicely done. I still haven’t read paper towns yet. What’s on your toast?
    I manage time poorly. My last few weekends of summer are like all my weekends ever. random chores, work if i’m scheduled, watch whatever show it is we are on at the time (currently season 3 of House)… haha. we are completely lame. I’m working on figuring out how to mix it up.

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