Wednesday Eats and a Thursday Morning Early 90’s Fun

Good Morning and Happy Thursday everyone 🙂

Thursday’s have always been my late days, but as of late {pun intended} they have also been my Friday.   I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this previously, but one of the many perks of my new position is a schedule of four tens {four 10 hour days versus five 8 hour days}.  Considering my drive is noticeably further, this is HUGE. One less day of driving, and consistent long weekends.   Let’s just say I was stoked when this new schedule was presented to me as an option, and it didn’t take long for me to say heck yes.

Yesterday’s Eats

photo 1 (25)

Yeah, I dominated that container.  Once full of fresh fruit and veggies – but the end of the morning scraps that didn’t look appetizing.  Don’t worry, the rest was wonderful 🙂

photo 3 (20)

They had Clif bars at my training the previous day which are NOT gluten friendly.  I couldn’t stop thinking about them since, so I went out and got myself a KIND bar.  Surprisingly a little sweet, but I still had no problem dominating it.

photo 2 (23)

Let’s not talk about these cookies, because I may need to go grab more right now if I do.  Seriously, to all my friends gluten free or not, go find these.  Yum.  I am LOVING all these new products I am finding {not necessarily healthy, but man my carb cravings were on FIRE yesterday}.


Tried another new-to-me simple {new to be} kitchen staple.  Annies, your shells and cheese are no joke,

photo (6)

I added some squash that we baked to the pasta and then had some fresh veggies on the side and topped it all with a hunk of Zach’s steak.  Delish.  Only problem is there wasn’t more!


I believe Zach’s comment said it best about these cookies I got from an adorable bakery in Aurora.

“These taste like real cookies”

photo (7)

Terrible picture, but this double chocolate cookies from Derby Bakery were like cakey delicious heaven in edible form.   I gotta work on restricting this sweet tooth of mine.  #itsaproblem

A 30 minute AM Upper Body Routine

For this workout, you’re going to need dumbells, and a mat.  Choose weights that are comfortable for you.


And a computer, and sense of humor  🙂

Set one

8 Minute Arms

Set two

8 Minute Abs

Set three

8 Minute Arms

{Edited to add:  I did a second set of 8 minute Abs too, because well I’m addicted to this 90’s fitness fun}

A good laugh and quick and dirty AM upper body routine.  Perefction ❤

11 thoughts on “Wednesday Eats and a Thursday Morning Early 90’s Fun

  1. I would love to work a 4 day week but it’s just not compatible with my husband being away so much. All I can think about is what I could get done in that one extra day with the girls still in day care! Enjoy your long weekend girl!

  2. i have a major, problematic obsession with those gf ginger snaps (also the animal crackers, but gingers come in way first). like, i can’t even buy them anymore bc the bag lasts, like, 3 days. tops. they’re so goooood. and 3-day wknds are amazeballssss, i’d take that in a heartbeat. how far is your commute now babes?

  3. I love Annie’s Mac and cheese! Did you know they have easy Mac versions too? So awesome! Also, Kind bars are my fav grab breakfast 🙂

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