End of An Era

Today I wrapped up an era of my life here in Colorado. . .

Almost two years ago, in the middle of the night on a Wednesday morning, Zach, the furballs, and I packed up our lives in Chicago and moved here to Denver, CO.  Zach got lucky enough to get the opportunity to work from home, and the both of us had always wanted to live near the mountains.  When I got an opportunity to work at the Action Center, we took the leap and made the move.


We packed up and drove on Wednesday, and by Thursday morning I was at work.  And today, almost two years to the date, I left the Action Center for the last time!

I haven’t spoken about my work much here on the blog, because well, it hasn’t been all that fun to talk about.  For awhile, I had struggles with different elements of my work there while at the same time loved the work that I did.   Two weeks ago, I was blessed enough to get what seems like an amazing offer that has great potential for career growth.

While I will still try and keep the bulk of my work life separate from the blog, expect some fun updates on the new job and how things are changing around our lives during this busy time 🙂

Back to Business:  Food and a Run

Last night’s dinner:


A small side salad with garden greens, squash, celery, grapes, carrots and goat cheese.  YUM


Plus a tuna burger with udi’s toast and some GF crackers.



I split my run today


3 miles with this speed demon


One mile with this slow poke.

Not a bad day 🙂

When was the last time you changed jobs?  Was it tough to leave?

18 thoughts on “End of An Era

  1. The dog is slow? Shocking haha! I would think he would be motivating! What is his name? Good luck with the job changes. As I am heading into my senior year of college, I have not had a “real” job yet. But the ice cream shop I work at is pretty demanding. 😉

  2. Good luck at your new job. How exciting!

    The last time I changed jobs was about 7 years ago. It wasn’t difficult leaving my former workplace–it was a toxic work environment with a micromanager boss, and I was there only a year. So happy I made the switch because my employer for the last 7 years is great.

  3. Good luck – sometimes you just have to go! I hope you guys are happy in the new location!

    I ‘left’ my last job in 2007 as the economy in Massachusetts was crashing just before the whole country went into the severe recession (which I argue keeps lingering in many ways) – I was hit in rolling layoffs, but already had an interview scheduled and had a vow to myself not to end the year working there. But the new job I took was only for 3 months – they wanted to make it permanent, I wasn’t convinced (good thing – I would likely have been gone within a year as they dropped nearly 75% of employees after most of their start-up support dissipated).

    So we moved the whole crew from Mass to Corning, NY for my new job – just passed 6 years here, and it continues to be a good job and area.

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  5. best wishes on the new position, chica. hope you love it. i haven’t changed jobs since i’ve been in NYC, so almost 4 years. i love the people with whom i work, and it’s a very stress-free and pleasant environment, so i haven’t really thought of leaving. however, i’m in grad school still for something entirely different, so when that’s done, well…it’ll be a biiiiig shift.

  6. Exciting that you have a new job! I’ll be it will be a refreshing change. I just changed jobs, too. It will be fun to document how things go this school year. It’s going to be very different working in an elementary school compared to the last 7 years I spent teaching high schoolers.

  7. Congrats!! So exciting for you. I was recently promoted at work, so I changed positions, but not companies. I left the University of Michigan Hospital in 2012.

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