What My Week Will Look Like

Woof!  Just creating this image made me exhausted today

PicMonkey Collage

Heavy focus on the poor legs this week, which is why I’m cuttin’ them a break today and Thursday.  Lots of fun and exciting things planned though, so I’m looking forward to it!


AM Arms


photo 4 (1)

Click for the routine

Lunch stretch/walk

PM Arms


AM Yoga for Runners

PM 5 miler



AM stretch

PM 4 miler



Hot Power Fusion Class






Dirty DASH!




photo 5 (1)

Plan to sleep until my eyes can’t stay closed anymore 🙂

What’s your week look like?

9 thoughts on “What My Week Will Look Like

  1. This looks like an awesome plan. This is my week of guilt. Vacation with the family means no real work outs and instead I just run ridiculous amounts of miles to make up for what I know will inevitably happen every night. Tons of food. Lots of drinks. Enough said.

  2. My week has a rough plan but I know I’ll have to be flexible depending on my sleep/how I feel. I love when I can map my whole week out though!

  3. I am still working on incorporating strength training in, but for now I’m following a half-marathon running plan: M-Rest, TU-3 miles, W-5 miles, TH-3 miles, F-Rest, S-10 miles, SU-Cross Training (for me, one Insanity video). How do you feel doing weightlifting and running on the same days?

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