Our Garden and A New Package

Who’s doing the HappY FridaY DancE?


I’ve got a half day of work planned, followed by a nice easy hike (hopefully the weather cooperates with me this time) and then a Whole Foods donut to celebrate a good week.


those aren’t the donuts I got, but don’t they look GOOD? Must make them.

I’ve been even more strict than I anticipated with the “no gluten, no processed goods” diet this week, and am feeling GREAT.    Sure, it’s only been a week so I can’t know anything specifically at this point, but what I do know is I feel good and am planning on keeping as much gluten as possible out of my diet for the time being.

Now, with that said, yes I picked up a small cake donut from Whole Foods, and no I do not believe it is gluten free.  I plan to eat it slow and use it as a test to see how my little body reacts.    My honest hope is that I do NOT have a serious intolerance, but that my body just functions better eating more real, whole foods and less gluten.  We will see :).


I started the morning with a 15-20 minute self guided yoga practice, solely hoping to hold stretches and work out the kinks from my sore muscles.   It worked 🙂 Lots of forward folding, side stretching, and deep breathing, perfect for first thing in the morning.


I was missin’ Mom and Dad a bit, so I spent my afternoon lunch break walking the park near my office and chatting with my main man, Daddio.  Notice the clouds in that picture?  Not 30 minutes before I headed out the skies opened up with a HUGE thunder storm.  Welcome to Denver!

Core Power

I had to be into work early yesterday for a special program, which meant I also got to leave early (YAY).  The timing was perfect because it opened up a 430 Hot Power Fusion class at Core Power.

photo 1

Unfortunately, I had run out of my free week so I took the plunge and picked up an (expensive) 10 class package.  I spent the 60 minute classes trying to keep the sweat from burning my eyes and loved every detoxing second of it :).  Totally worth the investment.

I got home early, so showered and then enjoyed the evening on our back patio, rehydrating like a pro

photo 2

Ok, at least there was water included….

Until my hunger finally hit around 730.  On the menu, Chicken kabobs and salads with feta and edemame.


photo 3 (1)

The salads were simple greens and tomatoes from the garden, mushrooms, and the edamame and feta mix from Sprouts. YUM.

Zach also grilled up some DELICIOUS chicken that totally hit the spot.

photo 4 (1)

All together now.

photo 5 (1)

Mmmmmm….making me hungry and it’s not even 930!  Notice the doggy tail in the bottom right corner of that picture?  Fail, Gus!

More Office episodes and gluten free cookies wrapped up the evening.   I think I fell asleep on the couch by 10 PM last night.  Man I’m exciting.

Zach’s Garden

And because my family is far away and love to see the progress that we’ve done on the house (don’t worry, I’m planning  a little house tour next week), here are some pictures of the garden I wanted to share with everyone.  So proud of the hubby :).

photo 3

The main view of our largest garden area.  Our goodies include lots of lettuce, raspberries, carrots, onions, tomatoes, etc.

photo 4

Close up shot of the lettuce

photo 5

Close up shot of our raspberry plant

photo 2 (1)

And Zach’s newest creation, a new garden bed that Zach built, painted and set up totally from scratch.

photo 1 (1)

A larger view, and of course, gratuitous picture of my fur lady.

Just a quick tour of the garden.  Who knew the boy had such a green thumb?

Do you have a green thumb?  Do you like to garden?

13 thoughts on “Our Garden and A New Package

  1. so nice to have a garden. i’m with you on the feeling-better-when-eating-less-gluten-and-more-whole-foods bit for sure. happy fridayyyyy (i can’t wait to leave work and go home and sleep all night bc my Thursday was aggressiiiiivvvveee — sounds like a rockin’ plan for a Fri night, eh?). 🙂

  2. Love Core Power but it definitely is pricey. Did enjoy my free week though and would go back for an occasional sculpt. I’ve been doing a lot of yoga lately with my Yogaglo membership. Just works better with my schedule and I like picking out my own classes 😉

  3. We miss you too sunshine. Can’t believe how much Zach has accomplished with the garden!! Dad is so proud!! You can freeze some of the goodies for to cold winter months!

  4. Love what Zach has done with the garden!! Lots of goodies added since we were there. He’s come a long way from the hops garden he started in our back yard…which is now a hops buffet for the deer! Seriously! Love and miss you too!

  5. It’s usually recommended to cut foods out of your diet for 15 days completely before reintroducing them. If takes 15 days for the inflammation in your gut to go back to normal, so when you eat them minimally or reintroduce too soon, you won’t be able to tell since your body is still somewhat “adjusted” to eating those foods! May be something to think about before reintroducing too soon!

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