Bad Blogger!

Whomp, whomp guys!  I forgot my cell phone at home this morning, which of course equals…all my pictures from last night.



Thankfully, I actually didn’t take TOO many pictures of my evening, so you aren’t missing TOO much.  And I had the fun Ashley’s A B C’s already set up for you 🙂

Last Night

I left work a few minutes early to make it to my final evening of free yoga at Core Power.  I had planned the 5:15 C2, but when I got there I saw that there was actually a Sculpt class available at the same time.  WIN!

Work Out


Imagine this is actually a picture of bare feet, a yoga mat, and 5 lb weights (that really should have been 3 lb weights after my morning arm workout, but at least I kicked my own butt).

The class was very similar to what I remember when I used to take them often in Chicago — but I guess my poor brain blocked out how hard some of those intervals with weights really can be.  Let’s just say my legs are FEELING the squats today.  And because of that, I’m considering a nice easy hike post work today instead of run or anything too challenging.

I got home right around 630 sweaty and happy.  It’s far too early to tell, but one thing I do know is my little body has more energy and is feeling way less bloated than it has in awhile.  Is it the changes I’ve made to my diet?  Hard to say, but one thing I do know is I’m comfortable and that is a GOOD THING.


Zach had a repeat of the previous nights dinner while I treated myself to some sushi from Whole foods.


once again, an old picture. But I had the spicy pacific salad roll, which looks VERY similar to this, minus the cream cheese.

Plus some more of the delicious carrot chips from Whole Foods.

photo 5

We wrapped up the evening with a couple episodes of The Office and some Gluten Free Lemon Shortbread cookies.  YUM!

This Morning

I woke up feeling the Sculpt class from the evening before, so I looked up a 20 minute stretch yoga routine.  The practice said that it focused on abs and back, but it did some good hip and hamstring stretches as well.   It was an easy, but very nice class and was perfect for loosening up my angry muscles!

Like I mentioned, at this point, my plan for the evening is a short hike out in the front range, but I’ll keep you up to date 🙂

Do you feel naked when your forget your phone?  

Ashley’s A B C’s

A B C’s

A is for age: 28

B is for breakfast today: Some odwalla juice, and my weight in carrots and pineapple.

C is for currently craving: The peanut butter Cliff Bar in my desk. Is that bad?  Of course, I tell myself I can’t eat them and it’s all I want now! I should probably just throw them away. . .

D is for dinner tonight: Let’s go with last night’s dinner.  Salad, half a veggie burger with cheddar cheese, some steak and carrot chips.  YUM

photo 3 photo 5 photo 1

E is for favorite type of exercise: Running and yoga

photo 1

F is for irrational fear: This is going to sound completely cheeseball, but I have to say losing those I love.  It’s something that I’ve always worried about, ever since I was a kiddo.

G is for gross food: Hmmmmm….I’m a texture person.  So anything gooey.

H is for hometown: I grew up in Glen Carbon, IL but was born in Granite City, IL.

I is for something important: My families and my health.

J is for current favorite jam: Oh man, that’s tough.  Let’s just go with my hubbie and I’s song, since our wedding anniversary is coming up.  I Won’t Give Up, by Jason Mraz.

K is for kids: Do fur babies count?

photo 4


L is for current location: Denver, CO

M is for the most recent way you spent money:  Buying a HOUSE! I had no clue how much money I would spend…

photo 1 (1)

N is for something you need: Once again, I know this is going to sound cheesy, but bear with me.  For the last few months, I have been PRAYING for change.  And I am finally at a point in all this craziness that I think I can honestly say I don’t feel like I NEED anything.  I feel incredibly blessed with my family, house, and (new) job! <—Catch that?  Details soon 🙂

O is for occupation: Currently Case Manager for homeless or at risk of being homeless, but new things to come!

P is for pet peeve: I HATE when people repeat things. I k now this sounds super weird, but bear with me.   Think you’re in the middle of an argument and somebody keeps saying something repeatedly to get under your skin.   Anybody with me on this one?

Q is for a quote: “good things happen to good people”

R is for random fact about you: I’m a pretty laid back person in general, but have serious anxiety when it comes to getting seats when I’m eating out.   Yes, I am very weird, but it’s a joke between Zach and I that I will run over small women and children on my way to get into the door of a busy resturant.

S is for favorite healthy snack: Right now, fresh fruit.  I’m loving pineapple and strawberries cold from the fridge!

T is for favorite treat: Oh sweet lord?  This is a tough question.  I am a cookie girl and ALWAYS love an M&M or Monster cookie the size of my head 🙂

U is for something that makes you unique: I’m 5′ nothin’

V is for favorite vegetable:  Carrots!  But really I love em all

photo 5

W is for today’s workout: 30 minute strength routine focused on my upper body this AM, planning a hot yoga class tonight.

X is for X-rays you’ve had: I’ve had a bunch on my back (damn gymnastics) and lots of my mouth for oral surgeries.

Y is for yesterday’s highlights: A good run with the hubby and nice afternoon dinner and glass of wine enjoyed outside with my family.

Z is for your time zone: Mountain

Hit me with your favorite letter!