What I’ve Been Trying: Gluten

Good Morning my favorite blog friends, and cheers to getting through another Monday!

I’m checking in this morning because I’ve been meaning to catch up with you guys on some things I’ve been trying recently regarding my diet.

Disclaimer:  I am NOT a registered dietician or professional of any kind regarding nutrition.  It’s just a passion of mine and something I like to research and am constantly trying to improve for myself.  Please know that what I am discussing here is strictly my opinion and what I am trying to make myself healthier overall.


Now that THAT is over, let’s be clear when I use the word diet.  That does not mean I am on a weight loss plan, or have any intention of losing weight.  I am actually happy with my current weight and have no qualms there.

A couple of you noticed last week that I mentioned my stomach or gut acting up last week.  This is definitely not the first time it has happened, but it was eye openingly frustrating and painful this time.

The symptoms that I normally experience are bloating (horrible word, can I just say), painful cramping and overall I  notice a bit of an extended area in my midsection.  Enough to make my clothes fit uncomfortably on these days.

My Current Diet/Nutrition

I really do try and eat healthy and balanced.

photo 3 (1)

Most evenings Zach and I prepare a healthy, balanced dinner that is full of color.  Shooting for a healthy balance of protein, fat, carbs, etc.

But as a busy 9-5er, it’s my daytime and weekend eats that I think may be getting me in the most trouble.


photo 2-23

photo 4-5

Most days of the week, I rely on process granola or protein bars high in processed goods and gluten.

Well let’s face it, these kind of eats don’t do many people many good, but then through in a possible sensitive tummy. I’ve thought this to myself often, but when multiple readers have pointed out to me that my symptoms sound like a possible gluten sensitivity, I got to thinking.

Whether or not I have a gluten sensitivity, I need to curb my reliance on these kind of foods.  

Last week and this week, I’ve been focusing much more on eating whole foods both during the day and at night.  My eats during the day have been focused around fresh juice, fresh fruit and good yogurt.


old picture but you get the point

I’ve been LOVING strawberries, cherries and blueberries as of late.  And I’m really feeling pineapple lately so I think that’s going to be on the menu this week.

For dinners, I’ve been doing whatever Zach and I have planned, with less or no gluten adaptions.  For example, we had pizza yesterday, but instead of going crazy on the pizza like I normally would, I filled a bowl with left over salad and had two very small pieces, not finishing the crust (don’t you worry, I ate the good part).

So this week, my goal is AS LITTLE GLUTEN AS POSSIBLE.  Specifically in the form of processed goods.  After a week and a half of just trying to be more cognizant, I’m already noticing a bit of a difference in my energy and how my lovely gut feels.   I’m very curious if it will continue to get better if/as I get more strict.

I’m hoping that you all will hold me accountable for this, as I know it’s good for me one way or another.   I’ve also considered going strictly lactose free if I don’t think gluten/processed foods are the culprit, so stay tuned!

Anybody else have gluten sensitivities?  What goodies do you enjoy eating?  

Anybody with any other sensitivities? How do you deal?

16 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Trying: Gluten

  1. You should get checked by a doctor to see if you have gluten sensitivity. If you don’t and you adhere to a gluten-free or limited diet it can actually be harmful. I’ve thought about trying it to see how it helps with inflammation and my lupus but since I didn’t even know what gluten was until recently I figured I would wait until I did some more research 🙂

  2. I have a sensitive tummy too – it can be very frustrating & quite painful! Most times, the foods you’re most sensitive to are the ones your body ends up craving (sort of like a drug addict with their poison of choice).
    I did & advocate (as a holistic health coach) a 15 day detox where I eliminated peanuts, corn, gluten, soy, dairy, eggs & sugar and then one at a time, one day at a time, I would add a category back and see how my gut would respond.
    For some, it becomes very obvious what food (or combination of foods) they’re sensitive to but for others there is not great reaction. That just means the body needs a break from all the processed, preservative, chemical filled crap and a return to a more balanced diet.

    Good Luck girl!!

  3. it is my belief that we ALL have a gluten sensitivity on some level of the spectrum. however, much of the information out there falls under the marketing blanket and to me, comes across as a “fad.” so my advice is to always listen to YOUR body. it will tell you what is working and what is not. pay attention to the subtleties… you’re a runner – you get it, and you can do that!
    today’s wheat grain contains over 20 kinds of proteins now that it didn’t once carry and our bodies simply struggles with processing them… it tries, because that’s what the amazing body does. but it causes a slew of issues inside of us. have you read “wheat belly”? i’ve been avoiding gluten where possible simply because i found myself craving it less and wanting more quality proteins/veggies {eating seasonal is big for me, too!} and i have much more energy and less mood swings. sometimes i just go for it, but when i do i try to choose organic wheat or grains…
    i just try to avoid “food processing” entirely, where possible. i understand sometimes that’s not possible, but there ARE options out there… and you can always make your own stuff, too! 🙂
    furthermore, it is also my belief that the phrase “listen to your gut” has way more meaning than we realize… WAY MORE!

    i eat a lot of organic fruit and veggies and clean meats as well as tons of sunflower butter and nuts and seeds for more protein. there are gluten free oat options out there, also. and you can buy them at places _other than_ whole foods, too! 😉

    missed you, girl. good luck this week!

  4. I have the same kind of reaction when I eat a lot of gluten (eg., when we went to Bend, OR, in June, and I drank beer and ate a lot of bread and pasta–ugh). I’ve been trying to return to the healthier eating pattern I followed in April and May, when I cut my gluten intake substantially. I felt so much better then–not bloated, no stomach issues.

  5. I’ve been gluten free and vegan for about 2 1/2 years. For me, I had to cut gluten entirely for about 3 weeks before feeling the difference (withdrawal headaches lasted about a week). Talk with your doctor, but I’ve always read that if you do have a sensitivity and decide to remove it from your body to see how it reacts, it’s all or nothing. If you’re allergic or sensitive, your body will still react to trace amounts so reducing doesn’t tell you much. Also, beware of ingredients where gluten can hide like caramel coloring.

    When I first cut gluten I felt deprived and hungry all the time because I didn’t know what to eat. Tackle this first and cutting it for a few weeks won’t feel like a big deal. I snack on things like hummus, nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies. GF pastas, quinoa, brown rice and kasha are great to have on hand for dinners.

    I’m a big fan of Kris Carr’s Crazy, Sexy, Diet book (and cleanse), but there are a ton of really great gluten free books and cookbooks out there to light the way! Good luck!

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  7. i eat a low-gluten, low-dairy diet, as i won’t even get into how sensitive my stomach is and how often it bothers me. pretty sure my super high veggie/fruit content and low carb combo doesn’t always help with that, but hey…such is life. 🙂 good luck as you figure out what makes you feel better!

    • I’ve cut most all of the gluten for a couple days and overall feel really good. It’s way too soon to tell, and I have a feeling I’ll struggle going completely gluten free…but I feel GREAT! Eating a lot of fresh food and definitely have noticed my energy going up!

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  9. Good luck and i hope you figure out what is causing your issues. I had something similar a couple years ago – It usually only happened after lunch at work which consisted of an apple, a yogurt, and a few other healthy items like pistachios or a small sandwich. Since I was feeling bloated and uncomfortable, I looked up foods that can do that and found out that apples can cause gas. I think dairy was also supposed to possibly cause digestion issues for some people. I hadn’t thought about gluten, though.

  10. I have also been cutting down the gluten in my diet as well as diary and have been feeling do much better. My favorite snack right now is apple slices with pb and one or two choc chips on each slice. Makes me feel like I am cheating a bit, but it is so good! Keep it up!

  11. Hi
    I’ve been gluten-free and dairy-free for many years now, and I just feel so much better. Gone is the bloating and the pain. I’m a runner too and at first was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough energy without the gluten carbs, but I’ve been absolutely fine, and have two marathons under my belt now. I’ve just started writing some of my recipes down as friends regularly ask, if you don’t eat wheat or dairy, what ‘do’ you eat then?
    A great thing for energy when running is gluten-free ‘overnight oats’ really simple with no cooking, check them out here. http://healthyhandbag.co.uk/2014/08/03/easy-to-go-oats/ They’re also great to shove in your bag and take to work with you.
    It’s tough going to start with, but you’ll soon get into a routine, and it’s so worth it.
    Good luck, and hope you feel the benefits
    Hazel x

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