Weekly Round-Up — Go With The Flow

If I had to set a theme for my work outs this week, it would definitely be Go With The Flow.

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Our week here in the Jara casa has been plagued with a random monsoon rain pattern, BIG news, a whonky gut  and visitors, so my working out has had to be squeezed in where it can fit.  Thankfully, I feel OK about what I was able to accomplish considering the circumstances.

Two Yoga Classes

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I made it to two hot yoga classes that challenged me physically and mentally in a way that I hadn’t been in awhile.  Thank you for reminding me how much the heat opens up these cranky joints, CPW!

3 runs

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If we’re including Sunday, I got in three good runs including

  • Sunday: 3 miler hill/speed work
  • Monday 6.4 miler (60 minute run)
  • Thursday Morning 5 miler

2 Lunch Walks

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I have a 2 mile route that I like to take on days where I can squeeze out of the office, and this week I was able to do that 2 out of the 4 days.

Two Strength Routines

  • One Day of Arms (30 minutes)
  • One day of Abs (6 week 6 pack)

One Morning Yoga Routine

  • 20 minute Yoga With a View Detox routine

One Quick Bike Ride

Probably 4 ish miles round trip — but man it was hilly (and ended with beer)

So like I said, all in all, not bad.  I’ve been trying to get 60 minutes in each work day, and then being more flexible with myself over the weekends.  We’ve had lots of visitors so I’ve wanted to make sure I have plenty of time to enjoy with them.

And a Few Good Eats

photo 4 (2).jpgphoto 3

photo 1

Happy Saturday everyone!  Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.  Tell me what you’re up to!