To The Mountains We Go!

Happy Friday, Everyone!   Anybody doing the Friday happy dance after this week?  It’s been a busy one in the Jara household, filled with good news and guests, but Friday is still as sweet as ever.

Family In Town

Zach’s mom and sister came to spend the weekend with us here in beautiful Colorado, so we were up late Wednesday night chatting and catching up.

By the time my 645 alarm woke me up Thursday morning, it took all I had in me to get out of bed (5.5 hours of sleep is not enough for this lady).  Thankfully, I had signed up for a free week of hot yoga at Core Power the day before, so I dragged my tired little butt out of bed for a 730 class.

photo 3 (1)

(repeat from the day before, but you get the point)

The Thursday morning class focused more on hip opening and short, quick flows which was very different from my class Wednesday night.  I wasn’t knee-dripping sweat like the previous class, but I still had a good sweat going and left class energized instead of whipped.  Perfect.

I then headed to work for my late day, but thankfully the sun broke back out and allowed me to take a nice 2 mile stroll to break up the afternoon.

photo (1).jpg

Lotsa feet shots.  Sorry bout that.

By the time I got home, Zach’s mom was taking a yoga class and the boy had just gotten back from a run, so I snacked to tide myself over until a later dinner.

photo 5 (2).jpg



Around 830 we all sat down to enjoy a delicious hodge podge of goodies for our dinner

photo 4 (2).jpg

For me, a HUGE tuna steak (I ate about a quarter, I swear) lots of greens and grilled corn on the cob.  Perfect Summer dinner.

After a late night, we were all pretty exhausted and were in bed before 11 PM.

Friday Morning

I woke up around 8 AM this morning refreshed and with coffee ready to be had.  Not-too-shabby.

We all snacked a bit before our respective morning work outs (I had some Bare Naked Vanilla Almond granola, but ate it straight from the bag, no shame).

This morning had a HILLLLLLY 5 miler on tap.

photo 3 (1) photo 2 (1)

The splits are broken up because I accidentally forgot to pause my MapMyRun app while I was fumbling at a light for a good minute plus at the end of my first mile, so I just decided to start her over.

photo 1 (3).jpg

I ended the run on a major hill then walked it out for about a quarter-half a mile.  Perfect way to start the weekend!

I wasn’t so sure how my legs would do after two days in a row of some serious hot yoga, but they were surprisingly speedy feeling for how hilly this run was.  3 sub 9 minute miles out of 5 is always good for this girl!  Maybe I need to integrate a little more hot yoga into my normal routine?

Zach’s working away, the family is at the gym, and I’m about to jump in the shower then pack for the weekend.  We’re all taking a road trip to the mountains for a weekend in Breckinridge!  WOOT!

Who are my hot yogi’s?  Do you find that it helps your running/other activities?  (That includes you, Texan folk ;).

Any races/long runs this weekend?  Tell me about them!

7 thoughts on “To The Mountains We Go!

  1. I have been doing more yoga lately and feel like it aides my running! Marathon training and luckily this week have a shorter long run of 10-12 after an 18 miler last week! Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend in the mountains!

  2. Ahhh yoga. Still need to get myself into that! I did a super super hilly 10 miler yesterday and an almost-equally hilly 6plus today- my parents live in a place where hills are entirely unavoidable. My legs are so soooooore! Glad you had a good wknd!

  3. I feel like hot yoga kicks my butt but in a good way. I think the deeper stretch I get is definitely better for my muscles but maybe it’s just wishful thinking 🙂

  4. If you have an iPhone…the mapmyrun app has an auto pause that u can set up in settings. That way when you’re stuck at a light, it automatically pauses your workout until you’re on your way again. 😃

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