Friday Round Up — A Snowy Week

I love the excited feeling that comes along with late afternoons at work on Friday.  Everyone has been trucking away all week, we’re all anticipating the coming weekend, and everyone is just in good spirits. Makes me Happy 🙂

With that said, let’s round up the week!

Work outs

  • Monday: Easy 5k + Hill/Spring work

photo 4

  • Tuesday: Tabata routine

photo 4 (1)

  • Wednesday: Cardio routine + weights


  • Thursday: Rest and Stretch


  • Friday: 2 cardio routines for 5+ miles

photo 4 photo

And as for this weekend, I’ve got a ski day planned for tomorrow and then an outdoor run planned for Sunday.  Lookin’ forward to it already.

I was pretty run down in the middle of the week, so this weeks work outs are ALL successes.  I’m working on listening to my body and making sure that if it needs rest, that’s what I give it!


photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1)


photo 1

photo 2



photo 1

Oh man, some great eats this week 🙂 So much color and variation — just what I love!


photo 2

Oh lord, the ice cream.  Sorry for the terrible picture, but YUM.

Something I’m loving this week


LOVING oil pulling!

Hope you had a great week, friends!  See you on for the weekend!

Two Routines Friday

Ok — I say it every week.  But I make no apologies — HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE 🙂 Once again, this week has seemingly flown by on my side.  Which I never complain about {well. . . maybe besides the fact that I have no idea where the time goes anymore, but I’ll save that for a different post}

Last Night

With Thursday being my late day, the first thing Zach and I did when we got home was get started on dinner.  photo 1

We made Veggie Quesadillas, to which I made mine BBQ with a small side salad and pretzel thins.

To make the quesadilla, I simply put carrot shavings, mushrooms, some Anaheim peppers in a pan with bbq just to heat up, then added fresh tomatoes, and peppercinnis.

They were DELICIOUS and I already want the same.exact.meal tomorrow.

I had a special treat at the end of the night as well . . .

photo 2

Sorry for the dark pictre — but I had the BEST ice cream in the world.  It’s just a Safeway mint chocolate moose tracks, with a fresh cookie.

I don’t have this kind of treat very often — especially when we have an entire pint, because I CANT BE STOPPED.

I had this small cup, plus another small cup of the ice cream + one spoonful.  I’m a monster!

Thankfully I had gone on a walk to help move dinner around so I didn’t feel too rough — but man oh man.  Portion control Ashley!

This Morning

I woke up this morning a little weighed down by the ice cream, but ready to move after a good rest day.

photo 5

My work out started with another 22 minute cardio routine from SELF, that had me right at 2.55 miles in 22 minutes.


I then jumped into my favorite hill and sprint routine

photo 4

Which I did modify a bit (just shorter warm up and cool down since I had already done the previous routine).

photo 3

I finished right around 46:30 and walked it out until 50 minutes for 5.16 miles total.  I was a SWEATY mess but felt AWESOME!

Now it’s time to enjoy some yogurt and frozen grapes and get to work!

Question of the Morning:What is one dessert you can’t control yourself on?