Date Night

I love Thursday mornings 🙂 ❤

It’s my rest day AND I get to sleep in.  That combo is pretty spectacular in this girls book 🙂  But let’s backtrack to yesterday, shall we?

Workout of the Day

I know I spoke to how I wasn’t feeling 100% myself yesterday, primarily battling with feeling like a slug. . . but I think the primary (not only, but primary) culprit was just a lack of calories.  Once I ate a few extra calories in a PB granola bar, and drank sone Nuun, I honestly felt like a new person, ready to tackle an awesome work out.


I seriously felt like such an energizer bunny after this work out, I think Zach thought I was crazy.


I started with a 22 minute cardio work out that I found in the recent SELF magazine.  For the jog, I used 6.0.  For the sprint I used 9.5-9.7 (ouch), for the recovery I used 3.5 and for the warm up and cool down I used 3.7 with incline.

After I finished the twenty two minutes I was right at 2.5 miles.  I decided to do a bit more running just to get it above 3, so I ran until 30 minutes where I finished right around 3.32 miles total.


I hit the heavier weights (for me) and did lower reps with the higher weight for a few minutes of high impact lighting (again, for me).


Finished off by a 5 minute plank series.

Honestly – -I finished this work out so pumped and feeling a million times better than I had been all day.  Nothing like a good sweat fest sometimes. . .

Date Night

Zach’s Red Wings were on TV, so we watched the first period as I got ready, and then headed to one of our favorite local spots Amato’s Ale House  to eat and watch the rest of the game.




We started with a caesar salad


That Zach thought was pretty weak overall but I thought was just fine.  Not overly dressed, simple and fresh.


And I got the hummus platter as my entree, which I also shared with Zach. YUM.  The hummus was sundried tomato and was AWESOME.

This was plenty of food to keep us busy through the game along with some good beer and great company.

We were home at a descent hour (I love living in the mountains where sports are always an hour or two earlier than we’re used to) and attempted to watch an episode of SIx Feet Under while we ate dessert but we both fell asleep.  Upps

This Morning

I got a good 10+ hours of sleep last night and I think that was more of my body telling me it did need a little extra rest.  The weather is pretty nasty here in Denver today so I didn’t get a good walk with Gus this morning like I usually do on Thursday mornings.


I spent a few minutes this morning getting a good stretch in and plan on doing some more through out the day to balance out this rest day.  As little movement as possible, that’s the plan 🙂 ❤

Now, it’s time to wrap things up, get some coconut water and head to work.  Woot!

19 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. So glad you felt better twin! No fun when you’re feeling blah, especially on date night (and especially because I like to think I’m more exciting with date nights and like to live vicariously through you 😉 )! Sundried tomato hummus is prob my favorite kind of hummus!

  2. totally a fan of ordering a Mediterranean/hummus plate for an entree. and i need to get on that stretch guide — severely lacking in the run/stretch ratio at the moment. 😦

  3. Glad you felt better. And date night looked awesome. I sometimes forget to take in extra calories after a hard workout and can crash hard in the afternoon. Must keep snacks at work! Maybe hummus?

  4. I’m glad you got in such a great workout yesterday. I’ll have to try out that running workout sometime, it looks like a good one. Enjoy your rest day!

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