First off, thank you all SO much for all your care and concern on my morning post.

I think I had you all a little more concerned than  you need to be (which just shows me how awesome you all are).  I definitely didn’t wake up sick this morning, just woke up very Sluggish — exhausted, and feeling overall run down.

For all you regular readers, you know I’ve been switching up my work out routine a bit lately and trying a bunch of new strength routines.

photo 4 (1)

I think my body is just still trying to adjust to new work outs, and I myself am still trying to find the correct balance for myself. I’m currently doing 2-3 days of strength, 2-3 days of running, and one total cross training day (with variation of course).

Maybe my body is wanting a little less of something, or a little more?  But either way, the rest my body was asking for this morning was just that. Rest.  Ever since getting very sick after my honeymoon, I am VERY cautious to listen to my body’s cues as I NEVER want to be that ill again.

When my body felt run down this morning, I postponed any activity and rested.  I then woke up, did some light stretches, and went along with my day.  I drank a ton of water, and ate a bit of a higher calorie diet than may be normal for myself.

I spent my lunch stretching and relaxing

bbb (1)

{only the stretch guide. . . not the AMRAP routine}

and feel like post work I may be able to squeeze in a light work out, leaving tomorrow to be my scheduled rest day.

I am going to begin training for a relay in May, so April is the last month where I really want to be flexible and play around with my work outs.  Considering that, and considering that I DO feel better, I am confident about squeezing in a possible work out.  Keep in mind that if I were actually ill, or if I weren’t feeling better, my butt was going STRAIGHT to the couch this evening.

And quite frankly — I wouldn’t still COMPLETELY  rule out that option, if the hubby talks me into it 🙂


Good Morning and Happy Hump Day everyone 🙂 ❤

If the title didn’t give it away, I am SlUgGish this morning.  This feeling has been creepin’ up the last couple of days, but it is in full force today.  That means I slept in and let my body rest until the very last morning, foregoing any AM workout.

Quite frankly — I think my body was thankful for the rest and hopefully by the end of the work day I am feeling 100% and can get a good sweat fest in.  But if not, I’m listening to my body today.  I am NOT about to get myself sick again — no way, Jose! Balance, right?

Let’s Backtrack, shall we?

Last Night

I got home last night and hubby was working on the ol’ skis, so I took some time to get in a 45 minute NTC APP yoga routine.


My body was already feeling the slug, because this routine was far more challenging than it normally is.  But either way, I finished and felt much  more grounded and stretched out afterwards, which is ALWAYS a great thing.

Zach and I are taking advantage of “watch-a-thon” week with Charter right now and currently watching Six Feet Under {dexter, anyone?} We managed to squeak out 3 episodes last night while enjoying a pretty darn good lookin’ dinner if I do say so myself.

photo 1

We had burgers and green beans — so I had my little guy on top of a bed of greens and all kinds of goodies.

photo 2

And of course, the green beans — which were huge, juicy and totally delicious.  Especially with some parm cheese on top ;).

We actually feel asleep on the couch watching TV (should have been a sign), which may have not helped my sluggish nature this AM.  Upps — oh well.  You live, and you learn, right?

For right now, I have a delicious breakfast to look forward to, that I plan to enjoy with a ton of water and a cup of coffee.  It’s all about hydration today, folks!

Question of the Morning: What’s your favorite side veggie?