April Fools Day

Did anybody have any good pranks that they played or that they got played on them today?

April Fools is also my cousin’s birthday, so I grew up celebrating him on April 1st, but I know I’ve heard some pretty killer April Fools stories that always  make me laugh :).

Workout Last Night

Just as I promised in yesterday’s post, I managed to get myself a great workout in yesterday after work.

photo 4

I left work and hit the park near our offices right at 5 PM.  The sun was still out and the temps were perfect, unfortunately the wind was KILLER and provided quite the challenge for my treadmill trained legs.

photo 1

I started the workout with a quick but very hilly 5k that gave my legs just enough time to remind myself how hard I had skied the weekend before.  I finished in just over 29 minutes and moved on to the next stage of my workout.

photo 2

Hill sprints.  I did about .10 mile of a hill (short but killer) SPRINTING, then would walk down.  X5.

My pace for the sprints held right around 6:30, which I was pretty impressed with considering the hill and wind.

By the time I was done, my legs were CASHED and I was ready to relax and eat a good dinner.


photo 1 (1)

We had a fairly simple, but healthy dinner planned for the evening.  Salads with chicken cutlets and sourdough toast.

photo 2 (1)

Simple, but delicious and totally hit the spot.  My salad was a medly of goodies: spring mix greens, sundried tomatoes, peppercinnis, mushrooms.  Delish.

I ended the evening with a delicious cookie, once again 🙂 ❤

photo 3

Minus the chocolates.

This Morning

I woke up sore as crud and exhausted, but knew I needed to get a good workout, so I hit the gym and the weights for a tabata style workout.

photo 4 (1)

I warmed up with a little bit of incline walking, followed by the 13 minute tabata set.

photo 3

Then repeat.  I followed it all up with some incline sit ups and ab work and am now sufficiently exhausted and sore.

Happy Tuesday 🙂

Question of the Morning: What’s your best April Fool’s Story?

31 thoughts on “April Fools Day

  1. Great hill workout!! I have a hill workout on schedule for Thursday! Today was speed work so by Friday my legs will be a little fatigued!!! Great meals too!!!

  2. Well, it didn’t happen to me (I wish it did!). A local deli was putting fake parking tickets on cars up and down the street that they are located on. BUT, to make it even sweeter, they attached $5 gift cards to the backs of the “parking tickets.” Pretty cool!

  3. Argh you are making me feel lazy 🙂 had nothing planned for this evening but got home from work earlier than usual…. Now lying on my bed contemplating a run but using my grumbling tummy as an excuse not to!! I think I may give it a rest this evening…. :/

  4. Awesome hills there speedy lady! I always forget about April Fools- which means I’m a prime target haha. I remember once in high school my BFF told me she was moving. Not pleased. As if a teenagers needs more change in her life…

  5. oh geez, 6:30 hill sprints sounds absolutely killer! I’ve definitely read some amusing april fools blog posts today.

  6. I have never like April Fools! I hate the idea of playing tricks on someone. My dad is the king of April fools day. This year he brought home someone else’s dog and told my mom he had bought a new dog… and she flipped.

    Warning: Gross story

    When my youngest sister was a toddler, my dad covered her in mushed up oatmeal and raisins on the kitchen floor just before my mom walked in the door. My mom walked in to the kitchen to Caroline sitting in a puddle of oatmeal (but it looked like throw up) and she was eating it. My mom just about had a heart attack and killed my dad at the same time. Epic disgusting trick.

  7. Enjoy the sore! I got fooled today by George Takai (sp?). Do you follow him on social media? He’s hilarious. This morning he posted that fan requests resulted in him being named host for SNL ala Betty White. This afternoon he posted that it was an April Fools Joke. Also my friend on facebook changed her birthday to today to get a bunch of comments. But it backfired on her because apparently Facebook won’t let you change your birthday more than a couple times, so now she’s stuck with it. haha

  8. I told my mom once I got a DUI while I was in college..she didn’t think it was nearly as funny as I did 🙂

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