Friday Round Up — Last Week of March

You guys this year is flying by!  It’s already almost April and Spring time is definitely here! ❤


I’m so excited to enjoy another beautiful Spring and Summer here in Denver.  Where the mornings and evenings are always refreshingly cool, and the afternoons are Sunny and hot. 🙂

But, before we get too stuck in Sunny dreamland, let’s recap this week!


Monday:  New to me tabata work out after a quick lunch work out


Tuesday: Run!

photo 4

Wednesday: 75 minutes of yoga + a Bootcamp routine

PicMonkey CollageBootCampWorkoutCompleteeachstationforthreeminutesbeforerestingfor30secondsandmovingontothenext

Thursday: Walk with the Pup

PicMonkey Collage1

Today/Friday: Hill/Speed routine

photo 1

I was VERY excited by some new-to-me work outs this week that have left me sore in a way I never experienced before.  Sure, it has hurt my legs enough to make running a bit challenging, but oh man am I loving the burn! 

And for this weekend, I’ve got some slopes to him 🙂 ❤ And possibly another short run, we’ll see how the legs feel.



And now. . . let’s talk about the good grub we’ve been havin’ this week 🙂


5 4


photo 2 photo 3

DSC_0319 DSC_0323

photo 1-48


And some sweets!

photo 3p

I’ve loved ending my  nights with cookies and chocolate covered pretzels this week.  YUM!  I think tonight is calling for some GOOD quality dark chocolate and red wine.  Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Goal of the week: Walking Gus at Night

I’m going to go ahead and call this one a semi-win/semi fail.

photo 2-49

It’s a semi win because I have gotten Gusman out for a good 20 minute walk at the end of every night.  This has really helped me to move around a bit and speed up that dinner digestion 🙂

I’m going to call it a semi-fail because only one night was it AFTER dessert.  Each night it started getting later and later before I started dessert, and the ol’ boy needed out.  So, we went on our walk and THEN I enjoyed my dinner.

With that said, I did stick to my portioned out dessert, and never once went back for more.  So that in itself is a semi-win, right?

This is something I want to KEEP working on — especially as the weather gets nicer and the days get longer.

Question of the Afternoon:  Tell me about your week — in 3 words or less 🙂

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