Let’s Make a Plan

Did anyone else have quite the indulgent weekend?

Sure I was super active on the slopes, but I may have also eaten my weight in granola, chips, grapes and goodies.  Sure — everything in moderation, but when I ski moderation tends to go out the door 🙂

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No regrets — but there is nothing I like more than making a good, healthy plan for the week after a particularly indulgent weekend.

Workout Plan For The Week

Monday: Lunch workout/PM Yoga class

Tuesday: Morning Run

Wednesday:  AM: spin/strength + PM yoga

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Easy run

Saturday + Sunday: Ski/Long run

For my workouts this week, I want to focus on a few things.  Fewer runs : higher milage.  Nothing crazy — but bringing back the miles.  For cross training: YOGA AND NTC App strength


Monday: Pizza night

Tuesday: Out to dinner with Friends

Wednesday: GREENS!

Thursday-Weekend: Unknown but focus on balanced meals and drinking more h20

{we didn’t feel like doing a big grocery shopping trip yesterday so we didn’t meal plan. . . sorry ’bout that}


This is my big goal for the week friends:  I have a TERRIBLE sweet tooth.   I know I talk about this often on the blog, but lately it’s been a bit out of control.  Something I want to work on this week is switching up my evening routine a bit.   Most nights right now, I currently end my evening with a huge delicious dessert then crash straight to bed.  No time in between.

What I want to work on this week is changing that routine.  Instead of eating and then crashing — I want to deliberatly STOP eating dessert, take Gus on a 15-20 minute walk, then do my evening routine (brush my teeth, wash my face, etc).  If I’m still awake, I can drink water and read/watch TV/relax etc.  But no more snacking. . . end the evening with that walk.


And that my friends, is my plan for the week.

Anything resignate with you?  How do you END your days? With a sweet? Tea? A walk?

26 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Plan

  1. OMG love your dessert avoiding trick. As your twin, you know I have a major sweet tooth and tend to snack on sweet treats before bed…LOVE this idea of doing something else to distract you from that item that you don’t need. Because at that time of night the trail I walk my dog on is closed, I will just walk around with her in my backyard (I have a huge backyard) or do some pushups or something. You’re a genius twin!

    • Thanks twin! 🙂 Unfortunately it won’t mean that I will be completely cutting sweets out of my evenings (my husband would leave me) but it will help keep it in control. All about moderation, right? And when I start doing push ups around my building I’ll think of you 🙂

      • Oh I don’t think I’d be able to cut them out completely either 😉 I hate when people give me the suggestion of “drinking a glass of water.” I’m like, I don’t think you understand how much I crave sweets! I don’t need more bladder fuel! Haha so your trick should be interesting 🙂

  2. I’m with you on cutting back on sweets in the evening. That’s usually when I’m most snacky so I’m trying to be a bit more moderate.

  3. When I was a kid we walked every night after dinner when the weather was nice.

    I end my days with a shower (evening workouts for this girl!) and I curl up on the couch with some TV and my blanket. I swear, I use a throw blanket even in the summer! I sometimes indulge in something sweet. My go-to is dark chocolate M&Ms 🙂

  4. Yeeesssss……this was a splurge weekend for me. Beer and cupcakes and veggies dipped in sour cream and ranch sauce. Had a girls night in and my husband was out of town so I mentally checked out and let things go. But back on today. Race on Sunday so I need to fine tune my eating and work on my speed this week.

    I usually end my days with my husband watching a show together.

  5. That sweet tooth resonates with me for sure. Actually, I kind of want to revise my own week’s goal because I’d like to try something like you are trying – No dessert before bed. I might allow myself to have something sweet in the middle of the day if it happens to come up during work or something (this is rare). It would be nice to get out of the habit of feeling like dessert is necessary at the end of the evening.

  6. My evenings always end with a glass of wine or a cup of herbal tea 🙂 I don’t snack after dinner but I’ve gotten into a habit of always snacking on something sweet after lunch – I just feel as if I need it! So this week my aim was similar to yours – to try and stop that afternoon snacking. I’m also trying to replace the sweet stuff with something else and have gone for homemade green smoothies!

    I also had a fantastic weekend of eating (so much I even filled a whole blog post with it!) and I didn’t even have skiing as my excuse 🙂

  7. I’m terrible for evening snacking too. I actually decided enough was enough this week and have started writing down what I eat again. I did this before and it helped me keep my snacking in check, but I got out of the habit. Ideally, I end the day with a piece of fruit and a square of dark chocolate, but lately it’s been that plus multiple other things!

    Walking at night is a great idea though. Once the temperature stabilizes a bit I’d like to make that a daily thing.

  8. That sounds awesome but I’m not sure it’d work for me- getting out of the hospital at 7:30 pm it’s hard to squeeze all that in! Plus, if the Bachelor is on…what’s a girl to do? 😉

  9. I have been trying to make a cup of tea before bed (I used to always do this with my grandmother and I loved the time we’d spend talking over tea at night). I want to try to do this and meditate a little before bed 🙂

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