I Already Miss The Slopes

Happy Monday — comin’ at ya from the  office desk before the work week begins.


My brain may still be on the slopes though ;).

Zach and I were so lucky to get a quick weekend away in Winter Park this weekend.  Earlier in the season, as a season pass holder, Zach picked up a “Vintage Pass” which gave us 10 “points” to spend for nights at their hotel at a very discounted rate.  A weeknight = 1 point.  Weekends = 2.  So when you’ve heard me talking about Zach and I staying up in the mountains this winter, that’s where we’ve been.

This past weekend we used up the last of our points, but let me tell you with the conditions we had yesterday, we went out in style.  The snow was soft thanks to the previous days storm.  The sky was blue and the sun was right.  Zach and I were lucky enough to be able to lap some slopes without problem and generally speaking stay away from the crowds.  Not-a-bad-day.

In general, our weekends in the mountains include long days of skiing, afternoons of snacking and board games, dinner and an early night to sleep.  All to repeat the next day 🙂

Last Night

Thanks to easy road conditions, Zach and I were able to make it home in record time last night to relax and watch some hockey (His RedWings were on) and college basketball.  Zach and I did a friendly bracket just between the two of us so we’ve been having fun following the games, without the pressure of serious money or stakes on the line.


I was not feeling cooking, and have been on a major Greek kick lately — so decided to go easy last night and pick up a Mediterranean dish from out local grocer.

4 5

As always, it didn’t dissapoint and Zach even agreed that it was quite tasty.

We were super cool kiddos and in bed before 10.  Just my style 🙂

This Morning

I woke up with my body extremely exhausted and a slight twinge in my throat, so I decided to postpone any work out until after I was out of work for the day and slept in.  If you’re keeping track, that’s almost 10 hours of sleep last night.   Ski weekends take it out of this girl 🙂

With that said, I am planning a yoga class tonight (maybe even a hot yoga class) and some good workouts for the rest of the week, so don’t you worry 😉

Question of the Morning: Tell me all about your weekend!  I feel disconnected from all of you!

12 thoughts on “I Already Miss The Slopes

  1. A day of skiing is so tiring, a weekend must be exhausting! but fun of course. Nothing wrong with 10 hours of sleep when you need it 🙂

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