Hello From WinterPark

How are my favorite friends?
Things are good here in the mountains. It’s snowy and cold so you know Zach is loving every second of it. Me, on the other hand, still prefer the blue bird days but I’m not complaining.
This afternoon is just a quick check in. We made it here with out any issues last night and enjoyed a croc pot dish that the hubby prepared earlier in the day.

There is something about relaxing with the family in a hotel that never gets old. We played a few games of sequence.

And crashed early.
After a slow morning we spent the late morning and afternoon slashing some pow as my lovely husband says.
Day 6 of my #100daychallenge

A day on the slopes!
Enjoy the rest of your Saturday everyone! I’ll check back in tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Hello From WinterPark

  1. I think I told you already, but I had a really peaceful lift ride at Winter Park where it was just me, the mountains, and silence. It looked like your picture – may have been the same spot.

  2. I went skiing in winter park a long time ago, it was beautiful and I had so much fun! I’m glad you are getting to enjoy some quality time with your hubs! And that stew looks amazing! Lamb/beef stew is one of my favorite meals on a cold day! 🙂

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