White Buffalo Kitchen Giveaway

Woot Woot!  I’ve got a GREAT giveaway for yall today!WBKslider2trans

Who loves cookies?


Who loves bars?


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A couple of months ago I was snacky and craving a healthy, easy snack.  I ran to the grocer near my office in hopes of a bar or treat that would do the trick.

Let me tell you, what I found not only did the trick.  It sparked a new and VERY loving obsession relationship.


White Buffalo Kitchen (click any of the pictures in this post to be linked to their website) quickly became hot on my radar. I knew that I loved the bars for the obvious reasons:  a short ingredient list, all of which I was familiar with, no refined sugars or preserrvatives, all natural, paleo freindly, the list goes on.  But I REALLY loved these bars, so I wanted to learn more.  And the more I learned, the more I loved.

From their website:

What White Buffalo offers is not just all natural honey sweets, it represents a state of mind. As humans our food choices directly reflect the level of conscious awareness we bring into the rest of our lives. Choosing to nourish our bodies with real and harmonious foods brings us more in balance with our community and our planet. Eating the foods mother nature intended allows you to feel and be healthier, happier and more vibrant. This is how we choose foods for our own bodies and wish only the same for YOU!

At White Buffalo Kitchen we believe in real food for real people. Our honey sweets are hand crafted using local Colorado honey and all natural ingredients. Preservatives, artificial colors and flavors have no place in our products and are never used.

For more info on living a healthy and conscious life please check out our links.

How can you NOT love that?

As I started to learn more about the company, and tried more of their products, I knew that I wanted to share the love with you all!  So I reached out to White Buffalo and sure enough, not only were they willing to send me a bunch of their goodies to sample, they were happy to offer the same goodies to one of you!

So today:  I’ve offering a Giveaway to one lucky reader of a Variety Box of BOTH their cookies AND their bars.  You guys — this is AWESOME. You’ll get to try 4 different cookies and 3 different bars!  It’s a lot of food, but trust me it’ll go quick!

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment here telling me which item you’re most excited about.  Check out their webpage for their flavors!  If you want an additional entry,  go to any of the social medias Instagramtwitter , facebook & pinterest and like Chocolate Medals.  Just be sure to leave an additional comment saying you did so!

{apologies the giveaway is only available to my US readers}.  The giveaway will be open until Monday 3/24/14 at Midnight, so make sure you get in your entries! 

39 thoughts on “White Buffalo Kitchen Giveaway

  1. Coconut shortbread for sure! I LOVE coconut anything and I’m sure it’s healthier than Samoas. Right? Haha. And I followed you on Instagram just now!

  2. awesome giveaway! I like the sound of their brownie cookie. You know me, I’m a sucker for anything chocolate related 🙂

  3. Hmm… a total toss-up between Chocolate Chip and Coconut Shortbread. I guess my taste buds would have to battle it out to pick a winner (sorry, I’m in March Madness mode and everything is sports/bracket mode).

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