The Hubby’s Almost Home, Again!

Good Afternoon everyone 🙂  How’s hump day going for you?  Does it help that we’re over the “hump” of the work day?

Just a few more hours and my crazy husband is back in town and the evenings spent with trashy TV, wine and good food are over ;).  I know I didn’t mention to specifically that Zach had been traveling, but he was in Charlotte, NC for the beginning of the week.


Multiple people had expressed a bit of concern about me talking so openly here on the blog about being “home alone” with the hubby is away o n business, so I tried to keep it a little more hush hush this trip. For safety reasons, of course :).

We have a pretty laid back evening of sandwiches and catching up planned.  My kinda night.

Last Night

I was still left to my own single girl devises yesterday, which meant easy but DELICIOUS goodies and girly TV (Last night was Guilianna and Bill. I sweat I want to be their BFF).


I had a Taste of the Mediterranean meal from a local grocer that I’d had a few times before.


 Just as good as I remembered 🙂


And last night I enjoyed my single girl meal with a nice glass of red…because I can.


Zach has been loving Carmenere’s lately and this was a cheap but good one!  I also capped off the evening with another AMAZING Cookie Butter Cookie


Except last night I substituted half of the cookie butter for plain ol’ peanut butter.  Believe it or not, I liked it even more.  I also made it a little thicker than the previous night, which added a lot to the texture.  Just keeps gettin’ better 🙂

All this must have been good fuel for me because I was able to get up and get an easy, but great run in this AM.

Workout of the Day


5 miles in 49 minutes, with a 3 minute warm up included (easy pace).

Tomorrow is my rest day and the legs were feeling very solid, so I decided to just keep moving.  It’s been a little while since I’ve done a work-day-morning run over 4, but it worked out well this morning.

I’m really trying to be sure I remember to include these “easy” runs in the schedule, even though I’m not running back-to-back days anymore.  Still important for those ol’ muscles!

Back to work folks 🙂

Question of the Afternoon: What culture has your favorite cuisine?

For me:  it’s whatever I’m having that moment.  True story.

16 thoughts on “The Hubby’s Almost Home, Again!

  1. Ha I completely agree – my favourite cuisine is whatever I’m eating at the moment! Boyfriend cooks some incredible French dishes, he’s half Vietnamese so I’ve eaten some wonderful Vietnamese, plus I love Spanish food, Middle Eastern style mezze….. Everything!!!

  2. When I say I could live in France, it is solely for the food. Granted I don’t speak the language and I would need to work out even more regularly than I do now given the butter content, but it’d be worth it! Although I could never really live without some good TexMex…

  3. Any food from any culture is good with me! As long as the food is made well and doesn’t have some absurd ingredient.

  4. Hmm, my fave food culture? Mexican is pretty standard for me. Asian cultures, yes. But in Italy we had the best food for every meal. This is tough. New Orleans has by far the best food in the USA. I give up.

  5. WHAT?! OMG finally someone who watches G&B!! I knew I could count on my twin! They seriously are the cutest and hilarious. I will become their BFF. Love me some Italian food, but I also love Thai. Oh and Mexican. Oh and Japanese. Wait, were we supposed to pick one? 😉

  6. Thai 100% 🙂 Glad he’s almost home, y’all shoulda hit me up for restaurant suggestions! Yay for outside runs today 🙂

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