#100 Days Challenge

I’ve got some fun and exciting news everyone 🙂


You all know I love a good inspirational selfie right? And being active?


While I was catching up on some of my favorite inspirational reads this morning — I came across a new #100 day instagram challenge.  I’m always up for a challenge!  Especially one that brings people together to be ACTIVE!

photo 1-16

This instagram challenge that I am starting today is fairly simple.  For 100 CONSECUTIVE days, you are asked to do something active and take a beautiful instagram shot of it as evidence.  Voila!

photo 4-7

This challenge is exciting for me on so many levels, and I’m looking forward to creative ways of filling up my 100 days.  No, this doesn’t mean 100 days of intense cardio.  Been there, done that with the run streak (maybe some day).

For me, this challenge will continue to include the balance that I have been working on in my lifestyle.  Lots of running, but just as importantly lots of yoga, strength training, and long walks with the pups.  It all counts!

So, for the next 100 days, I will be posting at least one picture a day of something on Instagram active that I’m doing/have done that day. (Obviously you need to follow me and cheer me along!).

I hope any of you that might find this as exciting as I do are inspired to jump along and join me!  It’s going to be a fun 100 days!  I’ll be back later with my first photo:  Number 1/100!

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26 thoughts on “#100 Days Challenge

  1. You know if you register for 100happydays.com, they send you a book at the end if you complete it of your photos. It’s the 100happydays challenge!

      • My friend told me a few weeks ago so I signed up there and have been doing it! I’m kind of bored with it already, but I’m sticking to it because during my 100 days, I’ll be getting married and think it’ll be cool to have some of the pre-wedding stuff put into a little book! I have no idea what the books are like, but my friend is close to her 100 days so I’m hoping to see what I’m working towards!

  2. This is a fantastic idea – I’ve got a friend doing 100happydays through her facebook, and it’s a great insight into what makes a person tick. She raves about it, too – she claims she’s far more focused on the positive now. Putting an active spin on things can only make it better!

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