Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Another week almost done everyone!


Bloggie high five for ya!

I don’t know about you — but this week seemed to have absolutely flown by for this girl.  The first half of the week was pretty booked, so before I know it we were over the hump and onward to Friday.  Just how I like it.

Yesterday/Last Night

Yesterday was my rest day so after a nice walk with Gus and a day at work

photo 3-33

Zach surprised me by suggesting that we go to Stella’s, our favorite little Italian spot near us.   Hello, Stella’s never fails, so you know I said HECK YES before he even finished asking.

Unfortunately, the only picture I got of the evening were the amazing zucchini fries that we start with every.single.time.

photo 1 (1)

Seriously, they’re amazing.  Zach suggested we skip the appetizer and go straight to our entrees, but I respectfully QUICKLY squashed that idea.  He thanked me later.

So while I apologize for the lack of pictures, I will share recycled ones as we go their often 🙂

photo 5-8

Me with my salad and their OUT OF THIS WORLD chicken.

photo 4-8

Zach with the gnocchi and their awesome bread (he got risotto last night and loved it though).

photo 3-10

and more foodie pictures.  I actually went with a different salad last night, but stuck with the chicken and same dressing.  It’s just THAT good.

Needless to say we were happy little campers when we got home.  I had a couple mini (well not so mini) cookies from Whole Foods before crashing HARD.  Red wine and good food will always do that to me 🙂

This Morning

I had it in my mind that I was going to tackle a tough work out today, and that’s exactly what I did this morning.  I actually came upstairs afterwords, drank a ton of water, and then just laid down on the ground for awhile.   I was spent, in the best possible way.

Workout of the Day: SPEED WORK

photo 2 (1)

  • 5 minute easy warm up (6.2 pace)
  • 1 minute @ 8 mph
  • 1 minute @ 9 mph
  • 1 minute @ 4 mph
  • repeat 10 *
  • 5 minute cool down of incline walking
  • 25 bicep curls with 12 lb weights
  • 25 incline sit ups

Oh yeah. . . I was cashed.  And now I am looking Oh.So.Forward to my butterscotch pudding that I have waiting for me in the work fridge.  All the little things 🙂

Question of the Morning:  Where do you go that everyone knows your name?  A restaurant?  Bar? Whole Foods? Home Depot? Share! 🙂

37 thoughts on “Where Everyone Knows Your Name

  1. I hear ya! This week has flown by. One of the places where everyone knows my name is my favorite running store 🙂

  2. That gnocchi looks amazing and I’m seriously craving some now! 🙂

    Before my husband and I moved to our current town, we were regulars at a local sushi place. So regular, in fact, that most of the waitresses knew us and the owner would usually come to our table for a chat. I miss being able to go there as much as we used to, but it’s probably better for our wallets that we can’t!

  3. You’ve made me hungry with those photos…it may help that it’s lunch time for me 😉 I can’t say there is a place that we go where they know my name. Yeah for the weekend!

  4. This week has been bizarre with the mid-week storm and crazy up-down temperatures! Our kids had a day off and 2 hour delay, so it really threw things into turmoil.

    We really don’t go out that much at this point, so there isn’t really anyplace where people know my name. That said, the manager at TGIFridays recognized my wife when we were there a couple of weeks ago, mentioned that Lisa had helped her out, and comped one of our meals. Win!

  5. Really digging that speed work workout! We just moved back to VT so we haven’t gotten that well known any place yet, but it’s bound to happen with summer around the corner 🙂

  6. geez that workout sounds tough, nice job! I will accept your blogger high five for getting through the week, I am so ready for this weekend 🙂

  7. We live in a small town so basically everywhere we go people know our name 🙂 I have, however, always loved the concept of having one of those kind of places! P.S. I adore that your dog’s name is Gus! We have a Gus ourselves!

  8. Very nice! I used to love this Irish pub down the street from our house. It was awesome. But sadly the owners got in a fight with the landlords and after several lawsuits, the owners felt it wasn’t worth the trouble and closed shop. People still talk about that place. Everyone there knew me for sure! The employees, the musical acts, the patrons. Thanks for bringing that up on St. Pats weekend, jerkface! 😉

  9. Theres a Thai restaurant the my sister and frequent WAY too often..and are recognized every time we go..not sure if we should be embarrassed or proud!

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