WIAW one sixty four

Happy Hump Day, and just as importantly, Happy What I Ate Wednesday hosted by the wonderful Jenn at Peas And Crayons.



I have had some GREAT eats since we last met up with Jenn, but for good measure let’s just start with last night.


Open face sammies {Whole Wheat ciabatta rolls, fresh ham, heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzarella}

Delicious. . . as always.  Satisfying with a ton of fresh ingredients.  Really makes a difference.  Backtracking now to some other delicious goodies.

photo 1-38

My favorite breakfast was actually a total random.  Coffee and Butterscotch pudding that I found at the office.  Not exactly the healthiest choice — but man was it GOOD.


Lola’s Guacamole.  Enough said.

photo 5-18

Fresh veggie plate after a tough drive into and back from the mountains

photo 3

Homemade pizza.  A Jara household staple.

and LOTS of salads.


DSC_0313DSC_0314photo 1

You know I enjoyed plenty of treats as well — but none of them seemed to photograph even close to how awesome they tasted.

photo 3-32

photo 4

Oh well — you all know I enjoyed them!

And that my friends, is What I Ate Wednesday!  Hope you all have a great morning/afternoon.  I’ll be at a training all day for work, and then I have a pilates class that I am taking directly after, so I’ll likely be away from the computer.  But still send me some love, OK?

23 thoughts on “WIAW one sixty four

  1. i can eat salads all the live long day, but i actually am so not a fan of pudding or anything butterscotch or caramel! i know, i know. how very un-girl of me. 🙂

  2. I don’t like ham but that sandwich looks AMAZING! Um pudding for breakfast? Count me in. Are those cookies the same ones you sent me?? They are so goooood! FYI I froze them because I was eating wayyyy to many. I’m excited because now I can pop them out and put them in the toaster oven or microwave to warm them up whenever I’m craving a cookie. I’ve also decided that I will be getting frozen yogurt and putting those cookies on top. Best idea I’ve had in a long time.

    • I’m so glad you are liking the cookies! The ones I have aren’t the same ones I sent you (they are Gluten free as well though) but they’re still good! I freeze desserts I get in bulk all the time and I promise they’re still delicious. . . and it does slow you down because you have to WAIT until they dethaw! Brilliant!

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