Busy But Great Day

Phew. Just like that another Wednesday almost done. I’m not complaining though… It’s been the best kind of busy.

First my office was closed today and staff were sent to a mental health training. My background is in human development and counseling so I love this kinda stuff.

The morning flew by and before we knew it we were being served a nice catered lunch (no pictures many of my managers don’t know about the blog so I didn’t want to look too odd pulling out the camera for lunch). I picked out a veggie wrap that was PACKED with roasted veggies. No cheese and lettuce here, all goodness. I appreciated the good lunch and also enjoyed chex mix and mini cookies. Anybody else feel the need to snack when they’re sitting still?

And then All of a sudden…it’s 430 and the day is done. Hello awesome.

Even better you ask? I had a free Pilates class to go to post work 🙂

I’ll do a full review tomorrow but it went well! I’ve done lots of yoga but had never been to a Pilates class before.

I got home still a little full from the big lunch and craving a bit more cardio…and since there was still sun shining I laced up my shoes and hit the road.

Love the blurry action shot?
I felt energized after the quick loop

And am now ready to relax and enjoy my family.
I think Zach is going to make me eat some real food but lemme tell at a giant chocolate chip cookie sounds perfect for dinner if you ask me…
{apologies for the lame cell phone post –I had no computer but still wanted to check in with you all}

15 thoughts on “Busy But Great Day

  1. sounds like such a fantastic busy day! I love days like that! Your mobile post does not need apologies! I agree with you, a chocolate chip cookie totally sounds like an awesome dinner. 🙂

  2. i used to do a pilates/weights/core fusion class on the reg that i really enjoyed. prob should get back into that. it was super tough but felt amaaaaze.

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