I Want My Hour Back

Good morning everyone.



Was it way more challenging than you expected to get up this morning, or was it just me?  Zach and I were in bed by our normal hour, but when my alarm went off this morning, I could have cried.  It seemed like I had lost WAY more than an hour, and am not really sure why?  Mental, maybe?  Either way, I slept in until the very last moment that I could, and even crawl back into bed for about 5 minutes after I was ready. . . woof.    Hopefully tomorrow will be easier!


Good thing yesterday was pretty much the perfect Sunday to make up for the hour lost (don’t get me wrong . . . I am already loving the extra hour of sunshine. . . just gonna need to catch my body up).


I started the morning with a beautiful, PERFECT WEATHER, run around our neighborhood.



I ran on the trails near our place



And ended up running a loop around Sports Authority Stadium (where the Bronco’s play, about a mile loop or so).



The run ended up being a very hilly and slow-ish 5 miles which was exactly what I was going for.  My legs were SORE thanks to all the strength training I had done the day before, but thankfully I just kept ’em moving and they didn’t give out on me.

Thanks to daylight savings I was running a little behind and had to hurry into the shower to get ready by the time I finished.



I had a meet up with a new friend and blogger at a really cool spot in our neighborhood that I’ve mentioned many times, LOLA.  Before I knew it 3 hours had passed.   I guess that’s what happens when you have a TON to chat about 🙂  I love brunches like that, they’re my favorite!  Oh. . . and I love guac.  Yup.



The city was CRAZY thanks to the GORG weather we were having.  I was shocked by how many people were out and about on my walk home.



I picked Zach and I up some coffee on my way back home and sat outside on our patio to enjoy the sun and some magazine reading.  Really, does it get any better?



Oh yes, it does.  A package and up-coming giveaway on Chocolate Medals.  I am VERY excited about this one, let me tell you!  I actually reached out to the company myself to see if they’d be willing to work with me because I LOVE their products so much.



We relaxed the rest of the afternoon with windows and doors open.  Seriously, words can’t describe how perfect the weather was yesterday.  And extra sunshine, hello?!

By about 630 we realized we should probably get to working on dinner . . .

photo 1


Which of course was pizza (and greens for me).

photo 2


Zach’s pizza. . .

photo 3


My pizza 🙂

And I ended the night like I do every other night, on a sweet note.

photo 4


But that’s part of the giveaway so I’ll chat about that later 🙂

And since this post is already majorly long now, I’ll leave you all here.  BUT, I’ll be back later with a workout and food plan for the week!  Happy Monday all.


32 thoughts on “I Want My Hour Back

  1. It was dark, dark, dark when I got up this morning. That just isn’t right in my book. Need to go home and nap now. Glad you had a great Sunday and good to see that Zach is catching up on some much needed rest. Hugs!

  2. I 100% miss my hour of sleep, feeling a bit like a zombie here. Looking at your delicious food pics actually makes me feel a bit better 🙂

  3. I certainly could have used that extra hour of sleep yesterday… it made the LA Marathon even more challenging…not to mention starting the race an hour earlier would have lessened the impact of the crazy heat. That said, I do like it staying lighter later.

  4. Your title- why we are friends. Sooo hard to get up this AM, but probably because I couldn’t fall asleep last night. I do love that I will be able to run after work now though. Your running trail looks amazing! Jealous!

  5. Thanks for the recent visit and “like” of a post on my Western genre site….much appreciated. Nice to see some photos of Denver…..I’m a big fan of the city….been there 4 times in 2 years and planning another trip in August. 🙂 16th Street Mall is addictive, ha….with the Paramount Cafe a great place to melt the clock. 😉

    All the best,

  6. The time change is really messing with my running schedule – it’s no longer light enough to run before work, and my evening schedule typically only allows for one post-work run per week. So, back to the treadmill it is for a few weeks…

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