I Love Sunshine

Good Morning and Happy Monday everyone.   I have a feeling this week is going to be a tad bit odd, considering I haven’t had a real week of work in 3 weeks. . .but we’ll get through it together, right?

Last Night

After my parents made their way back to St Louis, I spent the rest of the afternoon curled up on the couch with my furballs watching bad On Demand TV.

Yesterday’s choices were:

  • Come Date With Me (Canadian Cooking Channel food/dating show. . . hello my two favorite things)
  • Property Virgins

Yesterday’s brunch kept me pretty full for the early afternoon, so it wasn’t until about 4ish that I started getting snacky.

Snack of the day

photo 3-19photo 4-15

Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar pita chips and lemon water.   The name of the game was relaxing and rehydrating for this lady :).

By 7 my stomach was telling me I needed real food, even if my brain wasn’t necessarily ready for it yet.

Fav Meal of the Day

photo 5-14

On the menu was a new-to-me Taste of the Mediterranean dish from Falafel King.  It was surpringly delicious and really hit all my dinner buttons.  Lots of variety, different textures and fresh flavors, and took me a awhile to finish.

Is anyone else enjoying the longer, sunshine-y days we’re getting here?  I was so excited to get my food shots in the sunshine that I didn’t know what to do with myself!  Come on Spring!

In true Ashley fashion, I ended the day on a sweet note.

photo 1-26

Sweet of the day:  Double tree cookie from the rents

If you haven’t ever had a Double Tree cookie, you should book a vacation now and get one.  Or just go to your closest double tree with a suitcase and look like you’re staying there. . . worth the shot.

It was a quiet and relaxing evening that had me in bed and asleep by 1030.

Monday Morning

I woke up this morning and was surprised to find that I felt better than I have since Europe.  I felt rested, energetic and relieved.   I decided to harness that energy and go for a quick little run on the ol’ treadmill.

photo 2-28


3 miles and then I walked it out to finish 30 minutes.  Nothing to crazy, I’m still working on finding the right balance for my body…but unlike Saturday’s run I felt good and strong after this run.  It could have been that Zach called me from Singapore (it’s Monday EVENING for him at 6 AM for me. . . so weird) and helped pass the time.  It was nice to get to run with the hubbie from overseas :).  Before I knew it the run was done and I was in the shower getting ready!

I gotta say . . . I think a big part of finding this new balance will be trying NOT to run back-to-back days.  Giving my body a break from the high impact will hopefully have a long term benefit to my speed and form!

And now — it’s time to get to work!  Be sure to check out my pinterest for updated boards and my weekly food and workout inspiration along with some fun quotes and random pins!  If we aren’t friends yet, you better just go ahead and click on that little P on the side of my page and change that for me 🙂

Question of the Morning:  What is your favorite chocolate chip cookie?  Where do I NEED to try?

10 thoughts on “I Love Sunshine

  1. The BEST chocolate chip cookies are always the ones made at home, haha! Unless of course you’re going with one of those insomnia cookies which are little nuggets of sweet goodness sent directly from Heaven (plus they deliver until 3am!)

  2. Immaculate Baking company has the best gluten free chocolate chip cookies ever! They’re in your refrigerated isle in the grocery store 🙂

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