And Just Like That . . .

It’s Friday!  No complaints from this girl though — I kind of like the whole two day week thing.  I haven’t really mentioned it much on the blog but my parents are coming in town this weekend as well — so double win!


Aren’t they adorable?

Can’t wait to spend the weekend with them 🙂

Yesterday’s Recap

I made it through work without too much of a problem.  I was a tad anxious and kept my eating very simple:  think fruit and yogurt + kambocha.  By the end of the day I was a bit worn out, but nothing too out of the ordinary.  I’ll call that a win.



I even got a second brief walk in during my lunch break yesterday.  I think the fresh air did wonders for my soul.  I actually did about 1.7 miles but MapMyRun got a little mixed up during a tough-cell-signal area.

So — my activity for the day:

photo photo 3


I’ll take that for a win.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Another thing I haven’t mentioned much on the blog is the fact that Zach leaves for Singapore tomorrow (7 day trip).  I really wanted to do a date night before he left, but wasn’t quite ready to risk eating out yet.  So, my wonderful husband took date night into his own hands.

Homemade Date Night

photo 1

I came home to Zach prepping basically everything we had left in the fridge (When one of the two people in the house are down for the count, the weekly groceries get left behind!).

Last nights menu included:

  • Fresh green salad
  • Grilled veggies
  • Grilled salmon
  • Open face sammies

photo 2


The highlight of the meal was definitely the open face sammie.  Zach prepped the bread with some olive oil and garlic, then baked tomatoes, greens and mozzarella cheese to make a gooey, delicious little treat.

photo 3 photo 4


The salmon and veggies were added to my bed of greens and mixed together made quite the little salad entreephoto 5

I must say, even though we couldn’t go out for date night last night — Zach made at-home-date night pretty special with the candles, flowers and fresh good food.   Win!

This Morning

Once again I woke up well before my alarm clock ready to get moving.  I wouldn’t say my stomach was 100%, but I felt good and decided to take an easy, very short attempt at a low-to-no cardio work out.

I downloaded The Nike Training App for my iPhone and have been dying to try it out.  I knew I wasn’t in for anything difficult or challenging, but wanted to try something new and fun.

Workout of the Day

I started my workout with a 5 minute slow stationary bike warm up.  While I warmed up I looked trough my work out options and decided on a 15 minute SLOPE READY work out in the “get toned” category — intermediate level.

photo 2

It was only 15 minutes, but by the third round of the 5 workouts I was definitely wiped!  This workout included

  • weighted jumping front lunges
  • push ups of all kinds
  • crawls
  • jumping jack planks

and more!  It was a nice way to switch up my routine and I definitely look forward to integrating them more into my routine!  Lord knows I could use to work on my strength.

I finished the workout with another 5 minutes on the bike — and then ran back upstairs where I enjoyed some fresh orange before jumping into the shower and getting ready for the day.  Another thing I am working on right now:  replenishing after a workout.  I’m learning everyone 🙂


I’ll be back later this afternoon with my first official recap of the honeymoon:  Activity/workouts! 

11 thoughts on “And Just Like That . . .

  1. Your food like to diiieeee for. Open faced sandwiches are the way to go. I have the NTC app, but haven’t done any workouts from it yet. I should get on that because I’ve heard so many great things about them. Have a great weekend!

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