Good Morning From London

Good Morning everyone!

To say I miss you all is a gross understatement :).   The past two weeks has been the best 2 of my life, and I feel like I will be coming back to the States refreshed, renewed, and with a bit of an updated perspective. 


Zach and I have had the most amazing, romantic, BUSY, and fun honeymoon and could not be more thankful for the experience.

Unfortunately, our travels hit a bit of a snafu yesterday when, due to weather in London, our origional flight did NOT get us into Heathrow/London in time to catch our flight back to Chicago.  Because of that, we spent about 4 hours in the airport trying to plan out our new travel arangements.

Thankfully, our patience paid off.  We were given business class tickets on a DIRECT flight back to Denver today (the following day).  We were put up in an air port hotel (along with half of the United Nations, I swear).  Ate a free buffet dinner provided by British Airways, and slept like a rock.

Currently, we are in the First Class lounge of Heathrow (one good thing about all of Zach’s travels), and should be leaving for home in  few hours. 

I cannot WAIT to update you all on our travels.  I have so many things in mind.  Expect next week to be a bit of an overload of honeymoon and back-to-normal life updates.

I have big ideas of this little blog of mine moving forward, and am excited for the potential of where I may be taking it coming soon.   Again, I hope you all know just how much I missed you. . . but I really do think this two week period away did my mind, body, soul (and relationship) a WORLD of good.  

I hope you all haven’t minded being too patient with me during these two weeks, and will stick around to see where Chocolate Medals is going!

I’ll be back from the States very soon!  In the mean time, PLEASE leave me some comments about what has been going on in your world!!

16 thoughts on “Good Morning From London

  1. Hey sis! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear all about how the honeymoon went! Paige and I VERY jealous of where you got to honeymoon. We’ve been busy bees over here with a bunch of school work and we have mid-terms this week that we’re ready to tackle 🙂

  2. Safe travels back, lady!!! A vaca sounds delish right about now. We are expecting more snow tonight, which will take us over the snowiest winter in the record books from 1978 – which is close to 60 inches, I think – yikes!

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