Favorites from 2014 So Far

Hello everyone! 🙂   I am currently enjoying my husband and honeymoon in Austria, but since I didn’t want to leave you all completely hanging I thought I’d set up a few little check in’s while I was away :).

Today’s post is all about my favorites from 2014 so far!


2014 Favorites To Date

  • ProCompression Gear


Compression gear, specifically my Pro Compression socks have been a game changer for me.  Especially since the running streak I began in November and with all my overseas traveling.


These socks are the only way I get through long runs and recovery.  And they are a GOD SEND for any kind of traveling.  Hello no more swelling!

  • Dessert Pretzel Crisps


The dark chocolate peppermint flavor were a staple in the Jara household over the holidays.  And since then, the Peanut Butter Crunch ones have been introduced to me…and are the best things ever.  I literally have NO restraint around these and am limiting their intake in my house (but feel free to send me some if you’d like, Pretzel Crisps 🙂

  • MapMyRun App on my Iphone

photo 1-16

Or really any application on my Iphone.  I’m obsessed, but specifically the MapMyRun app has quickly become a favorite and I’m already looking forward to training season with it!

I love the gentle little voice that tells you your mile time and splits, and the clear map that is shown on the screen.  I am excited to play around a bit more and get even MORE creative!

  • Whole Foods Homemade Whole Wheat Tortilla Chips

Finished product

If you haven’t seen these at your local Whole Foods . . . be warned.  They are beyond addictive.  By FAR the best chips I’ve ever had in my life.  

  • The Happiness Project 


I know I’ve already written all about this book, but man I just loved it.  What a great start to 2014.

Just a few of my 2014 favorites everyone!  Please share in the comments some of yours, I’m always looking for fun new thing to try 🙂

8 thoughts on “Favorites from 2014 So Far

  1. Hah MapMyRun is my fav! Also, it’s super helpful if you get lost, I can’t tell you how many times that little map got me home 🙂

  2. I’m so addicted to Pretzel Crisps! I’ve avoided buying the peanut butter ones because I know that I’d never be able to put the bag down…The white chocolate peppermint ones were a great treat during the holidays though! And the original, with hummus or peanut butter, are delicious!

    I loved The Happiness Project! Such a fun read.

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