Core Power Giveaway

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Core Power but all opinions and thoughts are my completely my own.

I told you all I’d have a fun giveaway while I was gone, right?  Well here it is, and it’s a good one!

You all know I used to be a yoga freak, right?


Well I still kind of am — just don’t get to practice nearly as much as I’d like with my running currently.   But I am absolutely hoping to change all that when I return home from the honeymoon.

You can imagine how excited I was when I saw the opportunity pop up to be a Core Power Ambassador! (Check them out!)

As a part of this ambassadorship, I was sent a package of fun goodies to sample myself — and then the opportunity to give you all an opportunity to try their products as well!  Win-Win!


The products in my bag included:

  • A corepower yoga mat and carrying case
  • Stability Ball
  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • 3 Core Power drinks

The first product I tried was the yoga mat.

photo 4-7

I have a thick lululemon mat that is GREAT for when I’m dripping sweat in a yoga studio, but this Core Power mat was surprisingly great for my at home practice the past few weeks (I’ll be taking it to a class shortly to test it out).  I didn’t slip at all, and it felt just a durable as any sticky mat.  Win!

As far as some of the other products, both Zach and I are going to get some good use out of them.

I use a stability ball as my work seat EVERY DAY.  I cannot recommend them enough.   If I am going to be sitting at a desk all day, at least I am engaging my core in the process.  Since I already have one, I am actually trying to have Zach use this one as his desk seat periodically!

And my sweaty husband is thrilled to have another durable little towel and water bottle for yoga or ANY activity really — so win.

Now here’s the part where I get real.  REAL real.  I am not a fan of drinking my calories (unless it’s wine).   I would much rather eat protein after a good workout, but since the nice people at Core Power were nice enough to send me these to sample, I gave them a shot after my morning runs this week.

Surprisingly I loved them! The Strawberry banana was my favorite, but let me tell you I am a believer.  The best part, I felt AWESOME the rest of the day, where I had been feeling terrible the entire week previous.  Win win if you ask me!  I highly recommend these and would ABSOLUTELY spend my own money on them!

So now the fun part!  You all get a chance to sample Core Power’s products as well!  Here’s what we’re asking you to do:

Like Chocolate Medals on as well as twitter and facebook.  Even better if you’d be kind enough to tweet about the giveaway!

I am entering to win the @CorePower Fit Kit GIVEAWAY via  at @chocolatemedals

Comment here to enter and as always I use the random number generator to pick a winner, who will be announced 2/18 when we return!

Thanks you guys, and thank you to the kind people at Core Power for letting us sample!

23 thoughts on “Core Power Giveaway

  1. I tweeted :] and I had already liked and followed you before this post. I think I’m most excited about the stability ball. I go to the chiropractor often to get my spine healthy and she’s always talking about how I should get one to help stretch out, but I haven’t been able to find one I like at a reasonable price.

  2. This is awesome! I would love to win a few of Core Power’s products. I have actually been meaning to buy a stability ball to use as a chair at work!!

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