Flight Cancelled = Big Cookie

Hello Denver storm!

Unfortunately, Zach’s flight was cancelled tonight :(.  Whomp whomp.  To say I’ve been stressed out today would be a bit of an understatement.  The poor guy has been working his tail off and is exhausted.   Sure I miss him crazy style, but really I just want that boy to get home and finally be able to rest!

The good news:  he is currently waiting to board a flight to Colorado Springs for tonight. . . possibly staying with family OR driving to Denver from the Springs, depending on weather.

Everyone send him safe travel vibes, OK?

When I get frustrated. . . 

I bake.

photo 2-22


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and bake I did….

photo 3-15


Yes that is a giant cast iron skillet cookie — I was inspired earlier in the week by a post on a fellow (and AWESOME blogger) Sarah @ SweetMiles.  Of course, I made some healthifying tweeks. . . but BOY does it smell delicious.  I’ll be sharing the recipe, after I sample it of course (and you know I’ll be eating plenty as I eat my frustrations tonight ;).

That’s all I have for you all tonight.   I leave you drooling and hopefully sending the boy lots of safe travel vibes!


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