4 AM Wake Up Call . . . At least It Went Well

Good Morning everyone.  Happy Wednesday! (Edit <— Tired brain.  It’s Tuesday. Wishful thinking)

Good News

I think all the stretching, heating pad, and healthy food is beginning to help 🙂

photo 4-11

I did NOT want to wake up this morning.  August is missing her Dad and began meowing from next to my head around 4:00 AM this morning.  Sure, they were cute meows.  As much as anything can be cute at 4 AM.  Needless to say I had way to much time to contemplate wether or not I was going to get my run in this morning, or save it for after work.  As it got closer to 6, I was leaning towards post-poning it.  But then I thought about how much better I’d feel overall if I knew my side stitch from yesterday was better. . . and let’s face it.  August wasn’t going to let me have a peaceful sleep.

So, I headed to the gym right around 615 AM and was ready to go (but nervous).  Thankfully, I took the speed easy and didn’t feel ANY pain in my side until the very end when I started to pick up the speed a bit.  Good news — looks like it’s more yoga and heating pad for me tonight, but I am OK with that.

Workout of the Day: 40 minute easy run, 4.21 miles


I’ll take it!

I have a confession:  If I never see a treadmill again after our honeymoon. . . I wouldn’t be upset. 

That’s all I really have for you all this morning.  Feeling better, good run, and ready to dominate some cantaloupe here in a few minutes. . .

Question of the Morning:  Anyone else have annoying morning pets?  

28 thoughts on “4 AM Wake Up Call . . . At least It Went Well

  1. What was WITH the animals last night? Mine must have known it was cold outside, and would NOT move from sleeping practically on top of me. I tried to shove them off and they were not having it. Woke up with the sorest hips today-that dang foam roller’s going to get some more action tonight!

  2. i’m over treadmills as well! glad to have them for this bone-chilling weather we have in NYC lately, but seriously, get me outside already. no pets for me but i miss my doggies at home every dayyyyy.

  3. I once had this roommate who had a kitten who would make these “cute little meows” at my door all day when I worked nights… oh wait… kidding 🙂
    I also hope to never look at a treadmill again soon!!!

  4. hopefully by the time you get back from your honeymoon the weather will have warmed up a bit, I can’t wait for spring running!

  5. I don’t have any but one of my best friends has a cat that won’t leave you alone once you enter the house! It is so annoying! lol.
    Great job on the run!! I’m glad the pain is gone!

  6. I am my own annoying morning pet LOL. Since I started my new job this month, I’ve started waking up between 6-6:30 three times a week to work out. I am definitely not a morning person and I love my sleep, so it’s been quite an adjustment!

    I wish it were already wednesday too 🙂

  7. As soon as my alarm clock goes off, my cats sit by my door and meow until they’re fed. Lovely. Oh and one of my cats, who is deaf, does this super annoying “I’m dying” meow sometimes-she’ll fall asleep with us on the couch and we all go to bed. Then she will wake up around 3 AM and freak out and think we all left her. She runs around the house screaming until I come out of my room and she makes me pick her up. I swear it sounds like someone is murdering her.

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