The Speed Work That Wasn’t

Yup . . . sometimes you just have to acknowledge that it’s not your day.  But before we get to that, let’s talk about the fun stuff.


As I mentioned yesterday, I dropped Zach off at the airport around 8 AM so I had Sunday to myself.  That meant a whole lotta relaxing was in the plans.

photo 3 (4)


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I started with a new to me breakfast that I’ve seen around a lot, but never tried.  Bobo’s Oat Bars.  They’re pretty small, so if you have a big appetite I would probably include a piece of fruit.  But for me, especially with my tired tummy after a run, this was the perfect post-run breakfast.

photo 1 (4)


The rest of the afternoon included a lot of reading, snacking, yoga and hanging out with the furballs.  Pretty perfect if you ask me.

With Zach gone my motivation to cook was pretty non-existent, so I decided to allow myself to succumb to my craving.

photo 2 (4)



photo 2 (3)


And of course, it was delicious as always.

I ordered a you pick two.  With the cobb salad

photo 5 (1)photo 4 (2)


and turkey bacon bravo.

photo 3 (3)


It was delicious, but my stomach continues to be VERY angry with me.  It had actually been much better the entire afternoon until I ate this.  Maybe all the bread??

Anyway — I hung out with Sean and Catherine last night (Bachelor Wedding, hello!), then crawled into bed hoping once again to wake up feeling better.

This AM

I did wake up feeling a little better, but not 100%.  I had speed work on the docket for this morning, and I sure tried . . . but it wasn’t happening.

photo 1 (3)


I did the first 2 miles at speed, and then could NOT bare the pain I was having in my stomach/side (this time it felt like my abs being sore.  Maybe from the core work in yoga yesterday?).  So, I did a slow job for mile 3, and incline walked a bunch of the 4th mile.  Thankfully, I felt fine when I wasn’t running, so my guess is this time that it really was just a side stitch.  Dear lord I’m falling apart.

Workout of the day:  4 miles of attempted/failed speed work.

And now, it’s time for me to drink a Kambucha and eat a bunch of healthy, whole foods today to get whatever this crud in my body is OUT!  🙂

Have a great Monday all!

Question of the Morning:  Do you ever have side stitches/stomach problems?  Share in my misery? ha

27 thoughts on “The Speed Work That Wasn’t

  1. My last two runs I’ve had a side stitch on the inside of my ribs – it sucks! I’ve taken walk breaks/slown down the speed and even held my hands above my head to get some deep breathing in. Oh man they suck!

  2. oof, thats sounds so uncomfortable. It’s amazing how much harder running is when you have any sort of stomach pain or irritation, I probably would have just called it quits so good job for pushing through 🙂

  3. My stomach reacts to certain foods. It isn’t bothered at all by gluten but some dairy items can cause problems. It’s sad because I love ice cream so dang much! Apples and pairs also bother my stomach for some reason!

    It sounds like you might just have a bug, though. Is this something that doesn’t normally happen?

  4. Oh, I share your pain, quite literally! Stitches are a real pest, and it’s something I’m often bothered with, unfortunately! Hope your stomach settles down very soon.

  5. I had the worst stomach bug a few weeks ago- it was miserable! I hope yours passes quicker than mine did.
    And Panera is always a good choice…always. I actually might have to pick that up for dinner tonight. You’ve sparked a craving. (:

  6. I had the Side Stitch from Hell during mile 24 at the New York City Marathon last November. It was awful. I tried to get rid of it by alternating between walking and stopping altogether. Nothing worked and I had to gut it out for the remainder of the race.

  7. I stupidly drank a diet coke today about 30 minutes before I went for a run and my stomach was cramping like crazy! Not my best decision

  8. I can relate to the stomach issues! The bread could be the cause but I would just make sure your not adding anything crazy new to your diet. If you are I would back off and try eating it in smaller portions. GI issues are not fun and really not fun when you are running!

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  10. I’m having some of the same issues with my stomach. I am thinking about giving up food (not really but tired of feeling like crap after I eat). I’m hoping mine is still my sickness from last week hanging on. Here is hoping we both get better soon so we can keep training like maniacs!

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