Can You Foam Roll Your Chest?

I love my foam roller.  Even as a runner, it has helped me most with my back (maybe I’m not using it correctly with my legs, but honestly it’s awesome with my back).  Let’s hope it can work wonders for your entire body.

Remember that  side stitch I was dealing with this morning? Welp, I tested it out this afternoon with an easy one miler.  It was definitely manageable (I didn’t push the speed too much), but it still hurt.  Which means I likely very minorly pulled or stretched something something too far doing yoga and core work.  Upps.

For the time being I will be switching back and forth between foam rolling my chest, and sitting with a heating pad.



gus wants a turn on the roller as well.

Dinner Plans

At least I am  really excited about dinner tonight folks 🙂

photo 4-11


A simple salad of butter lettuce and pico

photo 1-19 photo 2-20

And that lovely box in the back there is holding delicious goodies from the hot bar at Whole Foods

photo 3-14


That’s a mix of broccoli salad, orzo, falafel, lemon herb chicken and some parmesan pasta.  You know that’s all going on top of my greens and enjoyed in one big bowl.  And I can’t wait 🙂  I’ve done good about sticking to good simple and healthy foods today to help ease my stomach, so hopefully this continues that trend!

And of course, I’ll be enjoying dinner with JP.  You know.  Juan Pablo.

Miss you, Zach 🙂

Question of the Night:  Have you ever foam rolled your chest?  Did it help?  Where is the weirdest place you have foam rolled?

27 thoughts on “Can You Foam Roll Your Chest?

  1. I just got a foam roller for Christmas so I’m still new to the foam rolling world! I use it on the side of my thighs and hip flexors mainly. Heating pads have been my friend for the past few weeks.

  2. I love the foam roller! And hate it sometimes, too. Ha I use it for my IT band mostly, and my quads. I wish I could use it on my shoulders, they’ve been killin me lately!

  3. I have foam rolled my chest but it’s kind of hard cause you can only really get the side of it. I kept trying to get this random place on my shoulder once but gave up and just used a tennis ball, they sometimes work better for spots that are hard to hit with the roller.

  4. My lats are a weird one that I’ve been told by my chro to roll.
    I always offer all my female friends to massage their sore chests, but I don’t get many takers. I’m just trying to help!!!

  5. During the autumn when I was training for a marathon I used the roller on most parts of my legs: glutes, hamstrings, IT band, hip flexors, calves (ouch!)…you name it. For runners it is really good to do in order to avoid injuries. I have only tried to roll my chest once and it was quite tricky to get to by rolling on it. But what I like is lying on it with my spine along the roller and put my arms out (up) on the floor. This stretches in the chest and shoulders.
    I love a good foam rolling session. Actually I have just written a post about the benefits of foam rolling on my blog

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