Wait We Didn’t Have Plans?

Zach and I moved to Colorado last year for quality of life.  A big part of that, specifically for my husband, was that we would be able to ski any given day, or at least any given weekend (for me).

Needless to say, because of that many of our Winter weekends are spent skiing, one if not two days.  So let’s just say we haven’t had an entire day  that we weren’t skiing, I wasn’t training for something specifically, or one or both of us wasn’t skiing in months.

Welp, yesterday was that day.  And it was glorious.

photo 1-17


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We relaxed, read, watched movies, and enjoyed each other and our furballs the entire day.  And it was glorious.

photo 3-12

There may have been some mid day naps enjoyed as well.

Sorry to wake you my dear 🙂

photo 2-18


I may have also enjoyed a new to me Dogfish head brew that was FANTASTIC :).  And tided me over perfectly until dinner time.

photo 4-10


photo 5-10 photo 1-18

Our pizza last night included large cut tomatoes, left over onions, yellow and green peppers (from Mexican bake night) and grilled bacon.  With lots of mozzarella cheese.

photo 2-19


We are LOVING the new pizza stone. . . it seriously makes the perfect mix of crispy and doughy.

I stomach was off later in the evening last night so we feel asleep around 1030 or 11 watching Role Models.

This Morning

I’m still working on getting my stomach back to 100%, but I have managed to have a busy morning.   I dropped the boy off at the air port early this AM, and hit up the treadmill for a very easy work out.

Workout of the Day: 50 minute run — easy 5.23 miles

photo 3-13


And now it’s time to enjoy some HBO movies, lots of water (and snacks, who am I kidding), and head into the new week nice and ready to go (less than a week until the honeymoon now!)

Quesiton of the Morning:  What has been the highlight of your weekend?  




21 thoughts on “Wait We Didn’t Have Plans?

  1. Highlight of my weekend was Burns dinner last night 🙂 You must be so so excited for your honeymoon! Where are you going?

  2. Lazy days are so nice sometimes! Especially when you feel like you really deserve it. The highlight of the weekend so far has been that it is raining a bit, which we desperately need here in Southern California. And my husband are about to go see American Hustle in the theatre. Nice and relaxing Sunday!

  3. Random story about Dogfish- my friend and I were at a bar and she saw a sign for “Digfish.” She knows about Dogfish but didn’t think it was a typo and asked for a Digfish. The bartender thought we were idiots and it was hilarious.

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