Pizza, A Dessert Bar And The Morning After

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday Everyone! 🙂

apologies still looking for the more creative and fun intro. . . 

It was the overwhelming favorite night in the Jara household last night!

photo 3 (1)photo 4


PIZZA NIGHT!  And we were finally able to use the pizza stone my brother and sister-in-law gave us for Christmas!  I was a little concerned that it would crisp up the crust more than I normally like, but NOPE!  It made the crust the perfect balance between crispy and soft, and kept it warm while I took my slow poke time eating :).  Success!

We also had a bit of a taste test of sorts for dessert.

photo 2 (1)


For all of my Whole Foods fans, while I was grocery shopping yesterday I decided to pick up a few of their small treats that they keep in the bakery (I believe they’re 9.99 lb).  Last night we tried:

  • Pistachio shortbread
  • Chocolate covered peanut butter sandwich cookie
  • Iced lemon cookie
  • unpictured chocolate truffle 

I love a good dessert bar 🙂

Zach and I disagreed on our favorites, but did agree that the iced lemon was our LEAST favorite of the treats.  I had high hopes for it considering I love lemon, but this one was dry and unappetizing.  I actually ate a bite than gave my half to Zach.

MY favorite was the pistachio shortbread, as far as flavor and texture goes.  Of course I am going to love me some chocolate covered PB, but the shortbread stole the show.  Zach’s favorite was the truffle, which was simply a 365 brand dark chocolate truffle they had as free samples.

It was a nice treat for a Monday night.

This Morning/Workout of the Day

I woke up this morning well rested (hello 10 pm bed time) and feeling like I could knock out a run, so that’s exactly what I did.

Workout of the Morning:  40 minute treadmill for 4.26 miles

photo 1 (1)

Todays run looked like:

  • 10 minute warm up (6.3 for 5 minutes, 6.4 for 5 minutes)
  • 20 minute pyramid from (6.5 increasing every  minute until 7.5, then decreasing every minute until back at 6.5)
  • Finished out 4 miles at 6.4
  • Walked it out until 40 minutes for 4.26 miles

This 40 minute run was followed by a 2 minute plank, than it was off to shower and get ready.

I am so ready to be back from the honeymoon, in the Spring, enjoying miles outside. . . just saying.

Question of the Morning:  What do you think YOUR favorite cookie would be?

22 thoughts on “Pizza, A Dessert Bar And The Morning After

  1. Your pizza looks amazing!
    I love using a pizza stone for cooking pizza, and once you keep using it over and over it just retains the flavor and makes the pizzas so much better than the first!
    Great workout this morning!

  2. Hey, we made homemade pizza last night too (well, Zach made pizza while I stopped at the gym for a 5k after work, but I came home to a fresh homemade pizza,yum!) We tried a new to us whole wheat dough from trader joes, I really liked it. However, we did not have anything for dessert, which I was really craving something sweet

  3. Oh man, it’s 12:40, I haven’t eaten lunch yet and I want that pizza! Your pizza always looks the best! Favorite cookie? How could I ever choose? Probably a combination of sweet and salty with dark chocolate chips!

  4. Do I only get to choose ONE cookie? There are some crazy-good-looking ones on Pinterest. They usually involve baking one cookie inside of another cookie. Sinful! Some of my favorites are snickerdoodles and chocolate chip as long as they’re soft. Oh, and soft/chewy gingerbread.

  5. First, I love my pizza stone!! I use it twice a month at least and the whole foods dessert bar – AWESOME! Try the almond horn next time – sometimes the ends are dipped I chocolate sometimes not but BOTH are amazing! The pistachio short bread is one of my top three and I totally agree…had high hopes for the lemon cookie but it was totally gross!

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