Where Does The Time Go?

Happy Monday Morning everyone 🙂

Just like that — I’m back about ready to start another work week.  Thankfully, less than two weeks now and Zach and I will be in blissful relaxation mode in Austria :).  Hello honeymoon!

Last Night

I made it back to Denver right after noon Sunday and was able to make it to our friends for a game watch in the middle of the first quarter.  Go Bronco’s!   The game watch was a small group of friends with a whole lot of food.  Definitely just my style.

Thanks to our crazy schedules, Zach and I were proud just to make it trough the Bronco’s game.  Within a few minutes of the game ending, we were on our way home to spend the rest of the evening laying down on the couch.

photo 1


My wonderful husband spent a good chunk of his weekend deep cleaning the apartment so that I would come home to a relaxing space to me when I got home after the crazy week.  I don’t know about you all — but I do NOT do well with clutter.  Especially after traveling.  My instinct is clean clean clean before I actually sit down and take a deep breath.

Because we ate so much during our game watch, last night was one of those days that I had to force myself to eat dinner (hardly ever happens).  I knew I needed something fresh and healthy.  On the menu:  kale salad

photo 3


The salad included:

  • massaged kale (lemon and oil)
  • frozen blueberries (don’t judge it was actually my favorite part)
  • banana peppers
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Sunflower seeds for crunch



photo 2


The flavors all worked really well together.  It was very different, but I would do it again no question.

We ended the evening switching back and forth between Bridesmaids and Twister . . . because we wanted to prove just how cool we really are, you know.

Question of the Morning:  Do you unpack right away when you get home?  Do you struggle with clutter?

28 thoughts on “Where Does The Time Go?

  1. I am just like you…. I HATE coming home to clutter after a vacation. It seriously stresses me out so before I leave I always make sure that everything is put away and organized. It’s peaceful to your mind knowing you’re coming home to a tidy home – one last thing to worry about 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to hear about Austria! I’ll be there sometime later this year, and will look forward to recommendations! And yes, I always clean the sheets the day before traveling so there are nice clean sheets when I get home.

  3. i used to not really care about clutter when I was younger. Nowadays it’s the opposite! I’m like you, I have to have everything put away and neat before I can take a breath. It just makes me feel more relaxed when there’s nothing to clean.

  4. Food. Football. Friends. Does it get better?? — I always unpack right away. Everything isn’t always put away asap, but I like to get laundry going once I get home!

  5. I need my house to be clean before I can do anything. I am really crazy about cleaning and like for everything to be in a place and to be clean! The OCD in me :). That salad actually sounds really good and might have to try it out!

  6. Both of those movies are great. Haven’t seen Twister in ages! I always unpack right away after a trip because I assume that, if I don’t, I just won’t bother at all.
    Oh boy, we’ve got a fun Super Bowl coming up. We’ll be rooting for opposite teams in February! My husband named it the Weed Bowl since it’s Seattle vs. Denver. lol

  7. I hate packing and unpacking so I normally just unpack right when I get home to get it over with! Most of the time I can deal with a little bit of clutter but I get into those moods where it drives me crazy and I have to pick everything up!

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