I Survived My First Commute and Ladies Night

First things first on this [[kind of]] snowy Denver morning.


I survived my first commute via public transportation (the West Line) to work this morning :).  Granted, I got here 15 minutes early (I don’t know how to time the rides yet) AND I may have paid 4 dollars instead of 2.50 for my ticket (upps).  BUT most importantly I made it here all on my own without a car.  I don’t know why but this makes me feel like a city girl again.  I used to ride public transpo all the time in Chicago (hello El train), but not here in Denver.

Last Night

As you are all aware, last night was single ladies night in the Jara household.  So I did all the things I love to do solo:


photo 2-4


photo 5 (1)


My run last night was actually very similar to this mornings run:

Workout of the Evening: 30 minute pyramid run for 3.26 miles

  • Started at 6.0 and went up every minute on the minute until 15.
  • Decreased by .1 every minute on the minute until 30 back down to 6.0

I somehow calculated it wrong so I ended up with an extra minute, so I walked it out to finish the 30 minutes.  I was nice and sweaty after this one :).

Then of course, I enjoyed my favorite solo meal of a Pacific Philly Salmon Roll from Whole Foods while watching bad MTV and wrapped up the night with a big cookie 🙂  Guilty pleasures, please don’t judge.

This Morning

I had to wake up a bit early being on Gusman duty and taking the light rail in, so I was up and at em in the gym before 6 AM.

photo 2

This morning I did a very similar run to last nights, except I pushed it to 4 miles.

Workout Of the Morning:  4 mile pyramid run + light weights

  • Start @ 6.0 and go up every minute on the minute until 2 miles.
  • Decrease every minute on the minute until back to 6.0 and finish at 4 miles

This was a challenging one for me this morning — I felt like I was up at tempo for a LONG time.  But either way, it was a good sweaty work out and I finished it.  That’s all that matters, right?

To put a little bow on the work out, I did 3 sets of 15 incline sit ups and 3 sets of 15 chest press with 20 lbs.   I had time and felt like I needed to do something . . .

And now I’m at work, a little early, but ready to go :).  Have a GREAT day everyone!

Question of the Morning:  How do you get to work/school? How long does it take you normally?

30 thoughts on “I Survived My First Commute and Ladies Night

  1. Ugh I need to find your sushi roll at Whole Foods. I never see it, but maybe I’m not looking in the right spot? It should be in the Ashley Jara section right? It’s with the chocolate and assorted desserts? 😉

  2. It totally depends! My commute can vary between 10-20 minutes. In the Winter, Jeff drops me off at work a lot because we only have my car (he’s a motorcycle man) so he needs it to get to work safely. I ride my bike in the Spring/Summer/Fall, and it takes about 20ish minutes because I stretch the ride so I get 5 miles each way. SO very much less stress when I bike than when I drive-my road rage is legendary.

  3. well done for braving public transport…I don’t like it at all! Well…the transport is ok…it is the public I object to!

    Although I have no choice really now anyway, there are no buses that go anywhere near my house and all the stations are a drive away and it takes as long to drive to one of those as to work… so I am stuck with driving! I’d really love to cycle but half my route is down a very busy single carriageway road with trees on each side…so nowhere to escape to and noone would slow down to pass me…too dangerous so I am stuck driving even though it is only 7 miles!

  4. I walk to class AND work and I’m super spoiled because of it…I can’t imagine having to drive. Depending on how cold it is, it takes me 5-15 minutes (I tend to walk slower when it’s nicer)

  5. Was taking the light rail pretty simple? I always use public transportation when visiting other cities but never have in Denver. It’s just never that convenient for me. But it was probably a good idea on a snowy morning, since any sign of flurries means the drive will take forever. 🙂

  6. I drive to work after I drop the girls off at day care (once – before Hilary – I forgot to drop Lilly off and got almost all the way to work, lol). Usually takes 10-15 minutes…however, I do travel for some meetings and that can be anywhere from 1-2 hours! yikes!
    Great job on the workouts! We’re actually getting our treadmill today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m super excited and might even run tonight if we get it set up…even though I did T25 at lunch today.
    Happy Tuesday!

  7. I take public transportation up to school and it takes way longer than i’d like admit. Let’s just say I get a lot of school work done and I really need to buy a car soon. btw, i’ve done made that mistake with a pyramid run before, the trick is remembering to do the fastest interval twice in a row.

  8. I’m scared of using public transportation just because I have almost no experience with it. But hey, it’s super inconvenient to use from my house so there really isn’t a choice but to drive. My work commute is about 30 minutes to school and 30-45 minutes back home depending on traffic. Seattle traffic is really really bad. My husband has it way worse because he commutes downtown.

  9. I walk or bus it! My old job was at the other side of my town, so a steady 45/50 minute walk or a 10 minute bus journey. Colleges are just 10/15 minutes away from me too. Affording insurance for cars over here, specially for those just starting out or young is ridiculously priced!

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