Let The Healthy Obsession Begin

Short one tonight…

So the first thing I did after getting home from work tonight.
after snuggling Zach and Gus
I hopped to our OnDemand and started OUR guilty pleasure.

Juan Pablo. I heart you.

Wine, my husband, and bad tv. Please don’t judge.


Favorite moment so far: One of the bachelorette’s dad had passed and left a recorded DVD for his future son and law. I about lost it.


We did have something else on tap tonight! Open face Sammie’s!

And we’re still rocking the side salads…because we still have two containers yet to use. I’m going to turn into romaine!


I hope you all don’t mind the quick iPhone post. My family and Juan Pablo called me tonight but I didn’t forget about you all! Never!

please share your guilty pleasure! Do you watch the bachelor? What are your thoughts?

11 thoughts on “Let The Healthy Obsession Begin

  1. I guess we are of an age where we went to college when MTV was about music and well before reality TV, so we don’t watch any of it. Well, except for Food Network cooking stuff, House Hunters, and a few medical ER mystery shows 😉

  2. I am a HUGE Bachelor fan. I don’t have a television so I have to catch the episodes online but I just saw that ABC restricted it’s viewing privileges to those with one of only five cable providers. Sad. That said, I have an hour or so everyday while the kiddos I nanny take a nap. I’m going to start recording it here and then watch it during their nap to get caught up and not fall behind!!

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