On Our Way Up

To the mountains :). Our weekend retreat. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get a room, but with how I’ve been feeling postponing that to next weekend is probably a good thing. I plan on spending some time on my skis, but more likely will be relaxing in the lodge of Abasin.

Have I mentioned I’m Not A Great Sick Person?

I spent much of yesterday relaxing watching bad afternoon tv. But unfortunately by noon I was driving myself crazy. I’m a terrible sick person…

So I grabbed my book and entertained myself at a snails pace on the bike reading The Happiness Project.

That was actually really helpful for me as it got me out if the apartment and moving…even slowly.

By 6 pm Zach could tell I was stir crazy and we got out of the house for a quick dinner at Bang in the highlands neighborhood.





My body actually felt a lot better after a real meal. My Cobb salad hit the spot

We were home well before 9 and started watching season one of Breaking Bad. I know we’re crazy behind the trend…but our brother and sister in law sent us the entire first season so lemme tell ya what we’ll be doing when we get home from the mountain today.

So that’s where we’re at…slowly creepin along 70 on our way up the mountain


Have a great Saturday everyone!

14 thoughts on “On Our Way Up

  1. Are you a CO native?? So, i am, and I’ve always gone up to the mountains, summer and winter. Traffic has gotten exponentially worse since I was kid!!! Going to and from the mountains! I was at Abasin last wednesday. Loveland pass was closed in the morning, and it took us like 2 and a half hours to get there. Then, they opened loveland pass back up, so we took that home…only to be stopped, dead stopped, almost at the end of Loveland pass, before you meet up with i-70! it took a total of 3 and a half hours to get home! lol

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