First Post Of The New Year

Happy 2014 everyone!  I hope everyone had a safe, fun and Happy New Years Eve!

Our evening here in the Jara household was very low key, but exactly what we were looking for to wrap up a crazy, busy, and AWESOME 2013.

I worked until about 430, so by the time I got home Zach and I were ready to relax and enjoy our evening.

photo 3-2


We started our evening with some chips and salsa (has anyone had these homemade chips from Whole Foods?  They’re beyond amazing) with our favorite brand of wine.  (Anyone guess why?).  Perfect way to kick off the night.

We watched a movie (Cloud Atlas, hello long, weird, but interesting movie) and chilled out until about 8 PM, when we got started with dinner.  Thankfully we had prepped our  meal the night before, so the work was minimal.  We grilled up a delicious tuna steak along with some side veggies.

photo 2-3


Unfortunately dinner didn’t photograph well so I only have pictures of the veggies.  Golden beats, onions and broccoli.  The onions were INTENSELY smelly last night. . . we weren’t sure if it’s because we had cut them the night before or what?   But HELLO B.O!

After we ate, we watched a ton of Modern Family and hung out with our own family until about 11:55 when we turned it over to NBC and our buddy, Ryan Seacrest.

photo 1-3


We were proud of ourselves to make it until midnight, considering we haven’t had the best of luck doing that in the past (Even when we have gone out).  With that said, I was sound asleep by 1230.

While our evening may not have been the most exciting, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it any other way.  I’ve got a pretty spectacular little family here, and sending out 2013 together, the year we all BECAME a family, was just fine with me.  There’s always next year :).

This Morning

I did something I haven’t done in I don’t even know how long. . . I slept until 10 AM.  I haven’t been feeling 100% lately (nothing serious, just a little sore throat and stuffy head), so I think my body just needed the extra sleep.

I woke up to a text from Zoe, my bff and running inspiration, asking what I was going to do for my New Year morning run.   To be honest, the last thing I wanted to do this morning was run.  But when I got that text, I knew I should get out there.  I love my running friends :).

photo 2-2


Workout of the Day:  4 miles, speed work

  • 10 minutes warm up
  • 20 minutes interval:  1 minutes sprint (8.0-8.5) one minute recovery (6.1-6.3)
  • Finish out until 4 miles (about 4.5 minutes)


I had the entire gym to myself at 1030 AM (surprising?), so I ran the 4 miles in the dark. . . kind of nice and relaxing.   Someone did come in about half way through my run, but even he didn’t turn on the lights.  #NewYearsMorningRun

I quickly showered when I finished so that Zach and I could head out to a New Years Brunch at one of our local favorites, Gallop Cafe.  While it was a bit hectic to get seated, once we were our meal was delicious and perfectly relaxing.

Zach started his meal with a hearty looking blueberry scone (it looked very cake-y, which Zach LOVES, but I’m more about the dryer-the-better scones so I deferred to save room for the real thing).

photo 1-2



For my meal I ordered a Four Corners Tortilla Wrap, which reminded me of a thick half quesadilla.  It was seriously awesome, but HUGE.  I didn’t eat any of my (hidden) potatoes, and only finished one of the halves of the tortilla (hello left overs).

photo 4-1


When in Rome:  Zach and I also split one of Gallop’s specials

photo 5-1


A bloody mary with a shot of PBR.  Talk about a wake up call.  Between the two of us we weren’t able to finish this huge drink, but know that it was delicious.

We are now relaxing at home, currently watching The Hangover with no real plans in sight.  Perfect way to start of 2014 :).

Question of the Morning:  What was the highlight of your NYE?

13 thoughts on “First Post Of The New Year

  1. Sounds like a great NYE! It was pretty low key here…woke myself up so I could call hubby at midnight and then our poor dog was pretty stressed out about fireworks around our house…then a typical night of being up with both girls randomly. Ahh well….
    Had a great run in the cold today to kick off the year!
    Happy New Year.

  2. I also had a nice and laid back new year’s eve. I love the whole running in the dark thing, who needs to see things anyways 😉

  3. HIghlight? It’s pretty dorky. We were out at our favorite bar and this totally drunk guy kept talking to us. He asked if we were together and we simultaneously showed him our wedding bands. 🙂 Must be the newlywed thing!

  4. Kyle and I also had a very chill NYE. We got pizza and then played a board game with his parents (wild and crazy kids). We then watched Modern Family and then switched over to Mr. Seacrest around 11:55 (hello twin moment). Nothing crazy but I liked relaxing with my guy.

  5. I love that you ran with the lights out. One of my co-workers doesn’t turn on the lights at the office until our less Zen co-workers come in. Gives us a serene beginning to a usually noisy day. As for NYE, my wife and I were asleep by 11:30! And we liked it. 🙂

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