Happy 2014!

I have a lot of optimism about 2014.  Maybe that’s because of how amazing 2013 has been.




The stand out moment obviously being marrying my best friend in September.

I have SO much to be thankful for when I look back on 2013 . . . and I hope to spend some time today reflecting on that and remember how blessed and amazing of a year this has truly been.

While taking that moment, I want to thank you all so much for accepting me and jumping into this journey with me.  Starting this blog was something I have wanted to do for years, and I am so thankful that I finally started it when I did.

I am excited about a lot of things in 2014 (hello HONEYMOON IN FEBRUARY), but something I specifically looking forward to is where this little blog-o-mine will take me in the next year.   As I’m learning about this whole blog-world that I love so much, I am finding new and improved ways of doing things (hello new obsession with instagram).  I hope you all stick around for the ride in 2014, wherever we may go 🙂


Cheers to a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


14 thoughts on “Happy 2014!

  1. While i was reading this i was thinking to myself ‘did I write this?!’, haha! I also married my best friend in September and we are also planning on our honeymoon in February! !!! So funny! Congrats by the way!

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