Don’t Listen To Me I’m Predictable and Gross Story

I say don’t listen to me. . . because I lie.

What is my problem?  This morning I was all set for a rest day.  But by the time I got home,  all I wanted to do was get a quick run in.

photo 2-1photo 1-1


In all fairness to myself — I had new shorts that Zach got me for Christmas that I wanted to try out.  They’re New Balance, and they are the lightest things I have ever worn in my life.  Zach thinks they may be a BIT too big, but I think they are comfy.  Totally approve.  And sorry Lululemon — these don’t chafe so I may be wearing these more often.

Workout of the Day: 4 miles

  • 1 mile between 6.4-6.5 warm up
  • 4 400’s @ 8.0-8.2 (with cool down 400 in between)
  • 1 mile cool down

Easy, peasy and I felt great during AND after.


Shocking — basically a repeat of last nights salad, with chicken and toast on the side tonight.



I am nothing if not predictable tonight, huh?

Gross Story

So — I want to share a quick story with you all because almost 10 hours later I STILL feel like I have bugs crawling all over me.

For breakfast this morning I ran to Whole Foods to get some oatmeal (also predictable, oatmeal for breakfast).  I topped it with bananas and strawberries this morning, along with dried fruit.  I was pretty stoked about this breakfast, but unfortunately things got crazy quickly at work and I wasn’t able to eat it right away.

Around 10 AM I was finally ready to eat my grub, so I took it to the microwave to heat up.   I was chatting with a coworker and when I went to open up my oatmeal container, GNATS CAME FLYING OUT!

I seriously almost pooped myself.  Not only was I disgusting and didn’t feel like eating after that, I have seriously felt like I had bugs crawling over me all day.  Come to find out, there had been some food left in my office over vacation, which is the likely source of the gnats.

I’m still grossed out…

Quesiton of the night:  Share your gross tale.

I also had ants come out of a tootsie pop.  That I was currently eating.

31 thoughts on “Don’t Listen To Me I’m Predictable and Gross Story

  1. LOL sorry I’m laughing at your horribly disgusting gnat story. I’m only laughing because I would have freaked out too. I would have screamed, thrown the oatmeal in the air, and jumped on top of the nearest person. Totally normal right? And I might have to try New Balance shorts! I can’t get myself to spend a ton of $$ on Lulu right now.

  2. you are a running addict girl 🙂 Me and my family once lived in this place where crickets would invade every winter and hang out in the bathroom. nothing like trying to go to the bathroom with a cricket watching you.

  3. Oh, god, if I could show you the photo I would. I was at a now-defunct Thai place in town. Took a bite of my pad-see-ew and something didn’t seem right. Yeah, there was a plastic baggie of metal hex-nuts cooked right into my food. I called the waitress over-she said “Oh, the cook, he’s old. Sometimes people find flies in there! You want another?”. I declined.

  4. Ewwwww that really is a gross story! Who would actually want to eat after that? I once had a giant roach come out of my suitcase after returning home from Hawaii. That was when I was a kid and it really freaked me out, but those things are so common over there so it’s not too surprising.

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