A Jara Christmas

I hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas/holiday filled with lots of love, family, and good food.  Because let me tell you, that is exactly what mine has been full of.


Zach and I made it to Saint Louis after the ungodly wake up hour of 1 AM on Christmas Eve.

Actually  . . . I didn’t need to get up that early, but I woke up at about 1245 and couldn’t go back to sleep.  So what did I do?  I got up and ran.



I hit up the apartment gym for a quick and very easy 5 miler.  Let me tell you — it was kind of weird to be walking to the gym HEARING my neighbors still up from the night before, but I guess you do what you gotta do.

My stomach was NOT happy with my decision to run on 3 hours of sleep, but otherwise the run went well.  I rocked out to some NSYNC Christmas music and just went into auto pilot.  By the time I got back up the the apartment at 2 AM, I had plenty of time to Christmas snuggle with the animals before waking up Zach.

We were out the door by 315, and at DIA before security, TSA, and Southwest staff were even in the building.  It was weird.   Our 615 flight went off with out any problem, I downed a latte and Larabar, and crashed on the plane.  Before I knew it, we were on our final descent into St Louis and with my Mom :).

I felt off most of Christmas eve, but had a great time with family and enjoying the holiday.   I shocked myself and made it until 10 PM — when I QUICKLY snuck away from the party and crashed.

Christmas Morning

Our morning began about 730 — with some wrapping and prepping still to be done.  I got another quick 3 miler in before presents . . .  I know, I’m crazy.  My family reminded me of it.

But by the time we were sitting down enjoying our coffee and Bailey’s, I was one happy girl.  As always, I had an AMAZING Christmas full of amazingly thoughtful and fun gifts.  Including my favorite:

A NEW IPhone 5!!

I’m already obsessed.  I quickly jumped on INSTAGRAM  (follow me!) and will be using it regularly, don’t you worry :).  The rest of our Christmas included me enjoying a GREAT Christmas breakfast from me and my dad:

photo 5 photo 4


Fresh fruit, eggs, and some english muffins.

We then relaxed the afternoon away — I had some fun with my Iphone radio on the treadmill, then the family went and saw American Hustle (Great acting, GREAT music, but a little long).

By the time we got home from the theatre at 8, I was all about a bowl of left overs and cake.  Yum :).

Post Christmas

Zach and I slept in until almost 9 AM (blissful) before getting up and enjoying some coffee with Mom while we waited for it to warm up.

Zach pulled me out of my treadmill FUNK and got me outdoors in the balmy 35 degrees.  Together we did a little under 5 miles (4.85), of which I followed up with a bit of hill work in my neighborhood.

Dear LORD you lose outdoor endurance FAST when you get used to the treadmill.  Thanks, Babe for pushing me to get back outdoors!


We were well rewarded by my parents with a GREAT lunch at Bristol Seafood Grill in Creve Cour.  Umm — hello yum.

photo 3


Our meals started with one two of these amazing cheddar biscuits.  Seriously delicious.  Why do seafood restaurants always have the best biscuits?

For my lunch I went with a lunch combo of caesar salad and a spicy tuna roll.

photo 2 photo 1



And now, I’m sufficiently full and relaxing until heading out with some friends tonight 🙂

And maybe eating more chocolate 🙂  Always room for chocolate.

Question of the holiday — What was your favorite present?

13 thoughts on “A Jara Christmas

  1. haha, I knew you’d get in a run before your flight but 12:45…. I’m impressed 🙂 My favorite present is a toss up between a foam roller and a kettle bell, I’m super psyched about both of them

  2. Wow! That is a very (or late depending on how you look at it) run! My favorite Christmas present was obviously my new puppy 🙂 But winning the grand prize in the Give a Garmin contest was pretty amazing (and very unexpected) too!

  3. Wow, you’re dedicated…or crazy…or both! Sounds like you had a blast!
    My Ohio University running shirts were pretty cool gifts, but I get more excited for the 4 year old seeing how excited he gets about certain gifts.

  4. What a fantastic holiday for you!! I’m not a big seafood fan so we don’t go out to seafood restaurants often~ but you are so right about their biscuits! They are always so good! Love my necklace from my kiddos, and I got some cool new running gear. 🙂

  5. A garmin! I finally got a run watch and heart monitor. SO excited. I may have started running again even though I don’t know if I’m medically cleared or not. I can’t hold back any longer!

  6. I haven’t opened gifts yet HOWEVER – I did get one early… AN iPHONE 5 s too!!!!!! OMG what apps are you downloading? Going from a iPhone 4 that hadn’t been updated in 3 years to this iPhone 5s is like… THERE IS NOTHING I CAN COMPARE IT TO it’s just soo amazing!!!!

    I found an AMAZINGGGGG photo app!! 😀

  7. American Hustle was filmed in Worcester 🙂 I go to that art museum all the time and the bar they go to in the film is near my apartment. It was so weird seeing film crews in the city and changing building names.

    It sounds like you had a very full Christmas! I don’t think I could’ve run on 3 hours! Crazy and awesome at the same time 🙂

    My favorite gift (other than my timing belt) was a new paleo dessert book. Bring on the cupcakes!

  8. Wait, you ran at like 1 am?! Girl you are crazy 🙂 YAY for new iphone!!!! That’s awesome!!! I’m still rocking the iphone 4, which apparently is way old school now…who knew! Glad you had a very merry Christmas!!!

  9. Yay, just followed you on Instagram 🙂 I agree, I lose my speed SO fast when I get stuck in a treadmill rut. Also, I totally know what you mean when you say you felt off on Christmas Eve, I always have that feeling after night shift, it’s just a weird, off feeling.

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