Work Out Round Up!

Happy Friday All! 🙂  I hope there are lots of you that are already on vacation, or just have to make it through today for the long holiday.  I have one more day (Monday) that stands between me and going home, but a one day week isn’t so bad right?

Zach and I also decided last minute yesterday to head back up to the mountain tonight, so we will be staying overnight in Winter Park at the same hotel and then getting up bright and early to ski!



We’re excited!  I guess that makes the fact that we can’t leave for home a LITTLE easier…but still can’t wait to see you Mom and Dad 🙂

Workout Round Up

I decided to do goals this week instead of strict workouts on any given day.  Here’s what I had planned:


  • 6 runs, 1 longer than 4 miles, and 3 AT LEAST 4 miles
  • 1 intentional yoga session, sporadic yoga as needed
  • 1 strength work out
  • 1 intentional walk
  • 1 day of skiing (Saturday)

And so far I have done:

  • 5 runs, 4 at 4 miles and one at 3 miles.
  • 1 yoga for runners work out
  • 1 intentional lunch walk (and another planned for today)
  • Some plank and ab work

So it looks like I am doing pretty well…and that this weekend I need to try and squeeze in a ski day (tomorrow) and a long-ish run (Sunday).  . . as well as any more strength or abs that I can fit in.

This morning was all about rest and relaxing.  I hadn’t taken a day off in almost 2 weeks, so I told myself it was time.  Need to save my legs for skiing tomorrow, right? 🙂

Question of the Morning:  How were your work outs this week?  Did you have any goals?  Ready for the Holiday?


18 thoughts on “Work Out Round Up!

  1. Have fun skiing you lucky girl you! My running was pretty minimal this week. 1) I felt just overworked and like I needed a break or I was going to injure myself or jump off a bridge. One of the two. 2) I had NO time. So many holiday activities and prepping. I’m actually okay with my lack of running- huge shocker to me!

  2. I definitely didn’t meet my goals this week but I have made it to the gym everyday but one since last Friday. I’m definitely in the holiday mindset funk- “After the new year I’ll kick it up a notch…” I hope I can follow through. It has worked every year for the past three years or so but I’m feeling a little bit more indulgent this year than in past years! Eek!

  3. Sounds like a ton of fun with all the skiing! That’s gotta be some seriously good exercise. My week has not been good at all with exercise because I just haven’t been doing it. Then we canceled racquetball last night because Mike wasn’t feeling well. Oh well, I’ll get back with it at some point. lol

  4. Great workouts this week! This week I had some really great workouts and I think I am going to the list like you did for next week sense it is Christmas and I might get lazy :)…

  5. Have fun skiing! My workouts were pretty boring this week, but have no fear, I’m about to start running again today! And yes, a one day work week sounds perfect, I wish we had them all year 🙂

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