Lacking Motivation?

Reading all of my favorite blogs, I have noticed that there is a bit of a motivation problem lately.

Can anyone relate?  It’s the holiday season, you’re maybe eating a few more sweets than normal, have a few more drinks than normal, and those sweat fests suddenly seem MUCH LESS appealing.   The fact that we get out of bed and get to work is a win some days, right?

Well if you struggling, know that you are not alone!!  I have been asked recently how I keep my motivation up.  One thing is I have perfected my body’s ability to handle sugar and carbs ;)…but in all seriousness, there are a few things that keep me going.



There will be a day that I can no longer RUN.  That day is not today.

I actually repeat this mantra to myself often when I am struggling during runs.  It is a reminder to me that I know my body, and know that a day will come when it doesn’t want to run anymore.  Whether that be a short term injury, or long term decision, there will likely come a day.

But that day is NOT today, so I try and take advantage.  Make sure that I don’t forget to be THANKFUL that I can still run and be active.  When I think of it this way, it makes me appreciate my work out.



I know I will feel better after my run.

This is also a big one for me.  First, I think it’s important to make a distinction.  Is your body telling you that you need a break or are injured?  Or are you just lacking motivation?

When I am just feeling complainy and not wanting to run, I remind myself of how much better I will feel right after I finish.  Running is my happy pill.  Seriously.  It melts the stress away, and it allows me to feel like I have control when everything else around me is crazy.

When I remind myself that I will likely feel WORSE if I don’t get my run on, then normally I find it in me to lace up my shoes.




I know not everyone can do this.  A tip of my hat to those moms who also work AND find time to run.  Don’t know how you do it.

I MAKE TIME for my running right now.  While I can.  My schedule allows it (for the most part), and so I like to tell myself that time is no excuse.  I can find 45 minutes in each day to work out.  Whether it’s waking up an hour earlier than I would like, or doing it first thing after work, or while dinner cooks…I find time.

Is it always easy?  No.  And it would be a lot more challenging if I didn’t have a supportive husband and partner who understands just how important it is to me to fit in a run (In reality he has probably just seen me crabby from skipping a run one too many times and is HAPPY to push me out the door ;).

Those are honestly the three BIG things for me folks.  I know it’s different for everyone, but it’s how I maintain some sanity during this crazy time of year!


36 thoughts on “Lacking Motivation?

  1. My motivation are my little girls (and my husband)…I want to be a positive role model for them, I want them to be confident and I want them to know that a healthy lifestyle (activity and good food) is important. They are my 1st priority and my 1st motivation….when I run/workout I’m less stressed out and a better Mom. I value being active more than anything else and make it a priority over other things and I too, try to make the time whether it’s during my lunch hour, playing with our girls or when the girls asleep.
    It’s hard to stay motivated some days but I know a good run or workout can put me in a positive state of mind and I feel great afterwards … sometimes I just have to hang on to that feeling when I don’t want to workout.
    (wow, that was long..sorry).

  2. I love that first quote you mentioned! It’s so true. I always try to remind myself that I am BLESSED to have healthy legs and a healthy body, and when I’m feeling “not in the mood” to run, well, I’m sure there’s a sick person or injured person or handicap person out there who would KILL to even have the OPTION to go run outside!

  3. I love the 1st poster, “There will be a day when I can no longer do this…” That is a big reason why I run. Because right now I can. I’m a healthy middle age man. One day I may not be able to get out of bed without help, never mind run. So I want to enjoy my relative vigor while I’ve still got it. Running gives me a chance to exercise, to be alone and to use my strength and vitality. Great post

  4. Thanks 🙂 Appreciate all the motivation. I don’t know how young mums do it either. I really take my hat off to them. It’s still difficult to get that motivation into swing wherever we are in life – but as the quote you shared says… there will be a day when I can’t so I better get out the door today 🙂 thanks for the lovely reminder!

  5. I am a working mom who manages to run, and it is hard, but I think it would be really hard to be a mother who is home with the kids all day to fit it in – I am able to sneak to the gym during my lunch break 🙂 There are days when it is VERY hard though, typically if work is crazy and I can’t get to the gym during the day, then I go home and take care of my 20 month old and help my 11 year old stepdaughter with homework, get them dinner, pack lunches, and put them both to bed, and then I can hop on the treadmill and do exercise videos at the house at 9 p.m. or later. My motivation is my health and the example I am setting for my children. I want to feel good, to keep up with them and to teach them how to care for their own body!

  6. when i’m lacking in motivation it usually means that i’m tired of what i’m doing, so I try to change up the workouts or make new goals i can work towards. With that said I’m really lucky to be in a time of my life when i can put myself first, more power to all the fit moms!

  7. i meant to ask you when you posted about your latest read last week, have you come across any particular books that really motivated you to get active, whether running exercise etc. I need a new read over the christmas break and figured something motivating would be appropriate.

  8. If you are held accountable, it can really help. Like if you have a training partner who will be waiting for you. Or if you put it out on social media that you’re going to do something, then you better follow through!

  9. My health is not something I take for granted (most days, anyway) so the fact that I’m able to get up and do stuff is a blessing. But yes, sometimes it’s hard to remember that just because you can isn’t enough – you’ve gotta go DO it!

    That said, strategic rest days have really helped me stay on track. If I know I have a rest day, it’s easier to make myself do the tough workouts when I need to.

    I also read somewhere that it’s much better to train at polar ends of the spectrum – in other words, not every run needs to be fast. Slow, leisurely runs and faster runs mixed together are much better than just kind of yellow-lining it every single time. Less burnout, too. I think that strategy helps remind you that you actually do enjoy this crazy sport. 🙂

  10. Awesome post!! I have also come to realize how important these positive thoughts are to a workout. Sometimes, I catch myself feeling negative – thinking how slow I am or that I am not running as far as I should. At those times, my mantra is, “My legs feel light and strong…I was born to run.” Encouraging yourself with positive thoughts can go a long way!

  11. totally agree with you on the lack of motivation out there right now! i was looking at pinterest today and for some reason this saying struck me – i am my problem, but i am also my solution.
    the holidays are hard! but only i can control what goes in my mouth and what my body does. not very motivational, but it’s definitely something i needed to be reminded of.

  12. UGH you read my freaking mind twin (or maybe my blog 😉 )! I definitely use those first 2. I have to tell myself that there was a time when my doctor told me I couldn’t run anymore, so now I need to be thankful and get out there when I’m just feeling lazy.

  13. Right now my motivation is because I have a marathon the 2nd week of January. I love scheduling a race during the winter months because I know I have to train in order to have a good race. If I am not feeling motivated I tell myself, “give it 10 minutes and if you are still not feeling it you can stop.” Once I start though I forget about this bargain I made with myself! It is always harder to put on the workout clothes than it is to start going!

  14. It also seems like the transition from fall to winter throws people off, myself included. Changes in seasons are tough!

    I use GymPact and I have it set up for 4 workouts a week, and if I don’t make that, it charges my credit card $5 for each workout I miss. So that’s a pretty good motivator to at least get to the gym and do a half an hour on the elliptical, even if I’m pretty tired.

    But on the whole, I’m very lucky that my workouts are pretty routine now, so it doesn’t even occur to me not to do it. It’s just a habit, like brushing my teeth. So if I really don’t feel like going, even if it’s for a whole week, I usually just take it easy and do easy workouts and then I feel more energized again!

  15. Mixing it up is key for me. I do a lot of video routines, so when I start getting sick of one I check a new one out from the library and copy it to my laptop. That way I always have something “new” and sometimes I even learn something! 🙂
    I have been finding it hard to motivate, though, because my pants are all starting to get tighter, but I am not gaining any weight 😦 (I have noticed my but rounding out a little 😉 )

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