I Need Coffee. . . And Cookies

Happy Tuesday Morning!  Only 8 more days until Christmas, is this oddly hitting anyone else at all?

I started my morning off very reluctantly with a quick 4 miler. 

Workout of the Day: 4 miles AM

  • Nothing special about this run.  Slow and steady for the most part. . . 37ish  minutes?

I have been seriously sluggish all morning . . . and while I hate to admit it I think I MAY know the culprit.



Totally worth it.  Most definitely TOTALLY worth it.  There were a bunch of Christmas cookies at work yesterday so I brought some home for Zach and I to split last night.  ‘Tis the season, right?  I believe they were all homemade except for the iced sprinkle one, which ironically enough was my least favorite.

I am not drinking a ton of water and coffee, and assuming that it lifts this little fog my brain is in.

That’s all I got this morning 🙂  Have a great one everyone!

Question of the morning:  Have you had any Christmas cookies yet?  What’s your favorite?

26 thoughts on “I Need Coffee. . . And Cookies

  1. I feel ya girl! I woke up at 5 today to get my run in, only to find after getting dressed that my treadmill had been moved (to where I couldn’t put it down). My dad cleaned the carpets this weekend and moved the mill outa the way…so now I’m annoyed that I woke up that early for nothing! I haven’t had Christmas cookies yet, but I’m baking mine on Thursday 🙂

  2. One of our docs brought in a huge tin of candied nuts the other day… I ate my body weight. Totally worth it tho.
    I’m also requiring extra coffee this am, we have a puppy who I think is in a growth spurt and hasn’t slept much the last two nights… Yawn.

  3. oh cookies, my best friend and nemesis all in one. I made some gingerbread cookies recently but I know I need to make some chocolate chip ones in the next week or so for santa (secret: I’m santa, don’t tell anyone)

  4. I know what you mean about feeling sluggish. My workouts just haven’t been the same for the past month and I have had little motivation. I have still made about 80% of my workouts but getting there has been more difficult than normal. I truly believe sugar is a huge reason behind this lack of motivation and sluggish-ness. Only a few more weeks to be bombarded with sweet treats and then they will go away after the New Year. I love them but a month or so is more than enough for me!

  5. Everyone keeps bringing cookies and such to work, but I’ve been good so far and not partaken. Still in training! And here’s a fun fact, I have never had a cup of coffee in my life. Not sure if I already told you that.

  6. I’ve been super sluggish too, not fun! I went for a walk for my mom this morning and was ready for a nap after..pretty lame. No Christmas cookies for me yet!

  7. I cant believe its so close to Christmas already! Time is flying by! And I’m going to jump on the band wagon with I Alwayssss Need coffee! And I’ve been going a little crazy with the xmass cookie baking. lol

  8. I made Christmas cookies to have for Thanksgiving dessert while watching “Christmas Vacation.” 🙂 Outside of that, no Christmas cookies. Though I did just have some tasty brownies. HAHA

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