A Weekend On the Slopes

Zach and I had an amazing quick getaway to the mountains this weekend 🙂

It all started Saturday morning.  I got to sleep in until almost 9 o’clock (unheard of), when I was woken up slowly by the husband.  He was nice enough to let me run down to the gym and get a couple miles in before hitting the road.

By 10, we were on our way with the big furball to Winter Park.

DSCN1583 DSCN1586


We stopped right before Berthoud Pass at a Starbucks off 70.  I was definitely craving something sweet, but knew I needed substance before hitting the slopes hard.

DSCN1587 DSCN1589 DSCN1588


Zach and I split an egg white and spinach wrap (DELISH) and cranberry bliss bar (heavenly).

This was the PERFECT amount of food.  It kept me satisfied but not overly full through out the entire afternoon skiing.

We made it to the mountain a little before 12 and were on the slopes right after noon.

DSCN1601 DSCN1608 DSCN1614DSCN1606


It was lightly snowing for the first couple of hours, which of course my powder hound of a husband loved.

We skiied together for the first 2 hours, split for an hour while he went CRAZY and I continued my happy pace :).  Then of course, met up for the last hour of the afternoon.

We skied right up until the lifts closed at 4.    We haven’t skied that late in awhile, but knowing that we were staying IN Winter Park and only had a 3 minute drive to our hotel made it much more convenient.

Zach and I stayed in the Vintage Hotel, where he got a deal as a season pass holder earlier in the year.

DSCN1622 DSCN1623 DSCN1624


Our room was large, with two double beds, a fire place, small kitchenette, and bathroom.  We really enjoyed the conveinence of this hotel and will definitely be staying there again.  For 30 dollars the room was pet friendly, and they even gave our boy treats and a puppy sheet!

Zach and I were POOPED so we decided to keep it indoors and went to the tavern in the hotel, 5 Mountain Tavern.

DSCN1628 DSCN1627


The tavern wasn’t too busy or full, and we were able to sit right away.  The staff was very friendly and attentive, but not annoying.

I ordered a glass of Pinot Nior and a greek salad with chicken, which I of course loaded with hot sauce.

The salad was huge and Zach’s burger also hit the spot.  I can see many nights spent at this tavern when we’re staying at the hotel :).

Zach and I weren’t long for the world and fast asleep by 10 PM…we’re so cool on ski trips :).

Sunday we woke up by 8 and were packed and ready to hit the mountain for a half day on the slopes.

We checked out by 9 and then walked into Winter Park for breakfast.  We ended up going to Woody’s Mountain Creperie, which is in the middle of downtwon.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  We got a wild berry muffin to start



And then they gave us a free carrot cake muffin because that was actually what Zach had ordered, lol.  We ate most of the top of this one as well, then saved the rest for the trip home.  Both were delish.

We also ordered a breakfast crepe with bacon to split, but ate it before my camera could find it!

The pastries were AMAZING, and the crepe itself was great but we both agreed that the filling was only good, not great.  Next time we may go for a veggie or sweet crepe :).

I washed all the delish grub down with a gingerbread latte, then we hit the slopes for another half day of HARD skiing.

DSC_0501 DSC_0502


DSC_0507 DSC_0491


Conditions were perfect for me, warmer, sunny, and not crowded.  We worked a lot on groomed skiing, and by 1:30 were POOPED!

We hit some pretty gnarly traffic on the way home, so thanks to my antsy pants, I hit the treadmill for a quick and easy 3 miler in my ski gear as we got home to close off the weekend.



Man I love ski weekends 🙂

Question of the Afternoon:  Do you like skiing?  When was the last “quick” getaway that you were able to go on?


19 thoughts on “A Weekend On the Slopes

  1. This looks like a great weekend. I love that wrap from Starbucks – yum!! I’m not a big skier. Actually, I’ve never gone and I think I’m ok with that. Haha! LAst getaway was to Chicago last May. We need another one ASAP!

  2. Looks awesome! I remember when I skied Winter Park, the last run of the day I was riding the lift up to the top on one of the kind of secluded sides of the mountain. I was one of the last people out there as the sun was setting. I still remember the beauty of the mountain as the sun was going down, and the absolute silence all around. It was a very peaceful ride!

  3. How fun! I’m not a skier but I do like to snowboard. We don’t have great conditions for snowboarding in Ohio. Sadly we have a manmade mountain with manmade snow but it’s even better after a heavy, real snow. Oh Ohio….

  4. 30 bucks for a room! That’s a nice deal.

    I skied at WP a few years ago, but I wasn’t a very good skier so I didn’t see much of the mountain. Seems like a good bit of variety, though. We have skied at Loveland more recently and we really enjoy that.

  5. I love skiing! We try to go every other weekend during the winter. The only downside is that I’m nervous about injuring myself and screwing up training for spring races. I take it easier skiing now than I did in the past.

  6. I used to Ski as a kid..now I’m a snowboarder. And I love it!! i love just being in the mountains!! I’ve gotten to have a few Quick getaways lately due to my job being kinda seasonal. Two weekends ago, I spend three days in breck for the Dew tour my boyfriend was working and then this past week, christmas week, my boyfriends family flew out here and rented an apartment in Breck and invited me! It was lovely!

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